Ghost Blog Writers Launches New Website

August 7, 2013By

Last week I mentioned that there were a couple big changes happening at Ghost Blog Writers.

The first was the announcement that we’ve moved headquarters to Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Again, we’re a remote team working from various locations, but my home base is now in the Twin Cities (from Eau Claire, Wisconsin).

The second big piece of news is that we’ve now launched a new website.

The New

I’m pretty lucky that Sarah of Sarah Lynn Design is my future wife. She’s a great designer and helped with the new design.

I’ve been documenting the design process on her blog starting with – Web Design Series Part I: Target Customers, Company Profile and Content.

The design turned out great. There are a few bugs here and there. If you notice anything shoot me a message and we’ll get it fixed up.

Change #1 – Greater Focus

GBW Redesign Homepage

The new homepage gets right to the core of what we give to customers.

The biggest change to the site was to change the focus and really hone in on what we provide to our target customers. The former site was great, but it was too narrow in focus.

We were focusing on businesses that already knew they needed blog posts.

Now we focus on businesses that have problems with website traffic and getting new customers.

It may seem like a slight change, but it’s a big one.

Not all of our potential customers know that blogging can be an answer to their marketing issues.

So with the new website I changed the content to reflect the new focus. This included the content throughout the site including the blog posts. If you’ve been reading the occasional post the last few months you’ve probably noticed the change.

I have to thank a consultant I’ve been working with over the last few months for helping me change focus and really connect more with the right type of customer.

Change #2 – Responsive Design

One of the biggest changes in the last five years on the web has been the increase in mobile access. For some people, their smartphone is the only way they access the web – websites and apps.

If you’ve ever browsed the web you’ve probably been frustrated with the experience you have on websites.

The mobile change came along quickly and websites have been trying to react. Many have and those seem to be the organizations that are doing well with mobile customers.

When people have a good experience on a website they seem more apt to take in the content and that leads to sales.

So for GBW we went with a responsive web design.

Now, if you visit the site from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone you’ll get a great experience.

All the content is there that you need to understand what we do and what we can provide.

The goal with the new website is to increase sales. That’s the goal of any marketing initiative. The reasoning behind the change was to make the site more relevant to business owners that are struggling with traffic and sales.

Blogging can be a way for those folks to solve those two common problems.

Hopefully the new GBW will make that point clear while decreasing confusion, which leads to lost sales.