Native Content On Social Media Works Best

Growth ChartFor many people, social media is the internet.

That’s all they use. Or it’s mostly what they use.

Their job doesn’t require they use a computer. They don’t browse many websites or buy things from sites other than Amazon.

But they use Facebook all the time. They use Instagram and Snapchat and all the other social apps.

And that’s how social media apps design their products. They want to provide their users with everything they want and need. They don’t want their users to ever leave the app.

And that’s fine.

But for marketers it can be frustrating. You might have a blog where you want to share a link on social media and lure the person to clickthrough to your blog.

But that’s getting more difficult each day. Maybe it’s just a losing battle.

Here is another approach to creating content and sharing it on social media…

Win Attention With Native Content

If you’re going to play in the social media app’s playground then you might as well play by their rules. The more you try to go against what they want the more resistance you’re going to get.

But there is a way to give the social app what they want while still benefiting yourself.

Native content.

This means publishing content that is only meant for consumption on the app or site or whatever. Content where you’re not trying to draw attention off the platform.

Social media apps have been doing more and more to prevent people leaving. It made marketers angry when Instagram wouldn’t allow links in photo descriptions. But it made sense.

And the marketers that saw the most success were those that played by the rules. They made content that was meant to be consumed only on the platform. They didn’t care about their followers leaving the site. They cared about creating content that would grow their following. That followers would share on the app.

Focus On Brand Building

The way to win is to raise the awareness for your brand. You go into the social media platform. You offer great content that entertains and educates. You give the users of the platform what they want. You post often. You learn what works best and when you do you post even more. And then you post more.

Always learning. Always giving the people what they want. And all the while getting more and more followers…followers that recognize who you are as a business.

And a good number of those followers will find themselves on Google searching for your brand name. And they will buy from you. It won’t be trackable back to the social platform, but that is exactly where it will have originated.

Final Thoughts

People are only in buying mode 3% of their lives. Social media marketing is about the other 97%. You’re not selling. You’re not even trying to get people to come to your site or blog. You’re simply earning their attention on the app. You’re building your brand. From there, you earn sales.

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