How to Use Business Blogging for Your Next Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaign
As people struggle to figure out modern marketing, business blogging could be the answer for your next marketing campaign.

If you’re looking to grow your business you’re probably looking at marketing strategies.

Online marketing offers a new world of opportunity for many businesses. You can reach new audiences anywhere in the world online. In general, you can also reach a younger audience that has the potential to be your customer for a lifetime.

But the question with online marketing is how you an reach people that use the Internet.

If you’re looking for a long-term strategy aimed at reaching the online audience then consider business blogging.

Business Blogging: The Ultimate Online Marketing Campaign

Here are a few blogging stats that hint at how important business blogging is to any modern marketing campaign. You’ll see that blogging can be a source of traffic, sales and long-term customer relationships.

That’s the starting point to the business blogging process. It’s a long-term strategy.

The ideal way to start a blog is to focus on SEO, social and audience building. You need to grow your brand by growing your audience. Other people have audiences (Google, Twitter, other blogs) and you need access to those. You can either pay for it with advertising or you can create content of your own that others with an audience want to share.

Google needs good content to share in its results. The same is true for Twitter and for other bloggers.

This takes time. You have to build up your archives of content so there are more lines in the water for the fish to find.

Business Blogging Strategy

It starts with an idea of your target audience. And remember that your online audience may be different than your current audience.

In general, if your customer is over the age of 35 they probably aren’t spending much time online. There are exceptions of course, but this is a general rule you can pretty much live by.

You may have to change your product or service, but if you’re lucky you won’t have to. Simply focus on creating content that is appealing to your online audience. Write about the questions they’re asking. You can find keywords they’re searching for and provide the best answer with each blog post.

Business blogging strategy is simple. You focus on answering questions. It earns trust. It gives people something to share. It’s a way to grow your audience.

The difficult part – and the reason people struggle with blogging – is that it takes quite a bit of work.

But that’s also where the opportunity is. If you’re willing to create the best content out there for your industry you can win over a majority of the customers.

The one thing I don’t like about the term “marketing campaign” is it seems like it would only be a one-time effort. Business blogging is not a one-time effort. It’s a long-term strategy that can pay dividends with new visitors that lead to new customers for many years.

That’s the great thing about business blogging. You invest the time now in great content and that content lives forever online.


A modern marketing campaign or strategy should really include business blogging. It’s a platform to provide answers to the questions your customers are having. A business blog turns your website into an online salesperson that is always working. Your blog and your website are on the clock 24/7. They’re always there to answer questions.

When your customers are searching for answers they’ll find your content and they’ll be introduced to your brand. From there you earn their trust and soon you have a new customer.

It’s how customer acquisition works in a global marketing world.

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