LinkedIn Might Be Your Best Professional Opportunity Right Now

Sitting and using ComputerLinkedIn is reporting that engagement on the platform is at record levels.

They were acquired by Microsoft a few years ago and since then they have been doing some really interesting things.

I think before then they were trying to figure out what they were. Trying a few different things. Not sure if they should compete with Facebook and other social media platforms, but I think they’re starting to gain some real traction in the professional space.

When it comes to social media and commerce, things can be tricky. It’s tricky because when people are using social media they have a specific frame of mind. When they’re on Facebook they’re looking for information about friends and family and about their personal lives and interests. It’s similar on Instagram. Twitter is a little different and is more about what’s happening in the world¬†right now.

LinkedIn has been working to focus on the time people spend in their professional mindset. When they’re thinking about their work. What they’ve done, what they’re doing and what they want to be doing.

If you’re a professional looking to grow – grow a business, get a new job, make new connections, etc. – there has never been a better time to use LinkedIn or really a better platform to use than LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Takes Usability Cues From Facebook and Others…

Some people have been taking notice that LinkedIn is looking a lot like Facebook these days. Not that they’re using the same colors of layouts or things like that, but that when you’re on LinkedIn it feels like you’re using Facebook. You’re seeing a feed with content (professionally-related content). You can browse profiles and do all kinds of things just like on Facebook.

But the big key is that it’s all professionally related.

This is a great move. Why reinvent the social media wheel? Use what other social sites have used well and innovate on top of that.

What I like best is that LinkedIn has become easier to use. It’s not entirely there just yet, but they’re moving in the right direction.

The easier something is to use the more people will use it and that is good if you’re looking to connect and engage on the platform.

LinkedIn Research

Every once in awhile LinkedIn comes out quietly with some great research and information like this one. They’re sharing, by using their data, what skills people most need to succeed in the working world.

You’re not getting that on Facebook. It’s not a collection of experts giving the information. It’s coming from the big data that LinkedIn is seeing collectively from those using their platform.

People love this stuff and the more LinkedIn releases the more they’ll attract people to using their platform.

Native Content

LinkedIn has always been upping the incentives for users to publish more native content. Some people discovered that if they posted long content on LinkedIn that people would click on the “Read more…” link and it would seem to trigger all kinds of engagement.

With that incentive, more and more people starting posting their thoughts, stories, tips and more to the platform. And more people started engaging.

A great play by LinkedIn to get some real influencers and real great content on their platform.

LinkedIn video use has always seemed to pickup in the last year or so. Not sharing a YouTube video or anything like that, but uploading native video directly to LinkedIn.

One thing I’m very curious about is whether LinkedIn (or any social platform) will allow uploading of native audio. Something that people can listen to without having to watch something.

I think that’s a real opportunity to cut into the other podcasting platforms.

Final Thought

Anyway, if you’re looking to boost your professional life then LinkedIn is the place to be. How do you do it? There are no big secrets. You just have to put in the time and effort with the native content opportunities that LinkedIn offers. Articles, text posts and video. Also engage in groups and tweak your profile from time to time.

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