Blogging Proves to Increase Leads

Blogging has been around for ten years or more in its current form. But even when the cavemen were writing on cave walls with rocks it was a form of blogging. Those cavemen were creating content. They were interpreting their world. For centuries that content remained and got people intrigued and interesting in the cavemen and their lives.

Today blogging is much easier. You don’t even need rocks…unless of course your computer crashes…

Businesses are coming around to the advantages of creating content as a profitable way to increase sales and improve business.

Research company eMarketer recently highlighted a study by HubSpot that showed the effectiveness of blogging as a way to generate sales.

From Blogs and Twitter convert visitors into leads

Blogging also increased median monthly leads, and, unlike with Twitter, the effect was about the same for B2C and B2B companies.

Blogging Lead Generation

Businesses must produce enough content for their blog to kick off growth in leads, which starts with about 24 to 51 posts. Blogs not only promote engagement but they also help companies increase the number of pages they have indexed by major search engines. HubSpot found that more indexed pages on Google also translates to more leads. Every 50 to 100 incremental indexed pages can mean double-digit lead growth.

There is much more in the article including great info regarding Twitter. It’s worth a few minutes to read the entire article.

Lead Generation Blog

Using a blog as a lead generation tool is a long-term proposition, but a necessary one in today’s digital world.

As the HubSpot studies found there is much to be gained from starting a blog. Lead generation can greatly increase the number of leads coming from your site.

I like that the HubSpot study pointed out the importance of creating many pages on a regular basis. The nature of blogging makes it easier for a business website to create fresh content on an ongoing basis.

Most business websites begin with the few main pages all business sites need like the home page, the about page, the services page, the contact page, and perhaps a half dozen other pages. This is all necessary content but it will struggle to pull in web users.

Search engines place higher authority on sites that continuously generate new content for their spiders to crawl and index. A blog provides a platform for a business to satisfy this hunger for content.

Optimizing the content on a blog will improve the chances of making sure your business is writing content for potential sales leads.


Does your business want more sales leads?

Dumb question probably.

Has your business thought about starting a blog?

What has been a sticking point on starting a blog or really giving a blog a full go with a strategy and energetic effort?

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