Information Marketing Is Necessary For Some Businesses Today

February 28, 2013By
Information Marketing

You can use information to attract new customers. via Moyan_Brenn

There is a lot of information available today.

Since the Internet boomed in the ’90s information has been more available than at any time in our history.

Some feel there is a bit too much information out there. Our nature makes us crave information. We want to learn. We want to improve as people and make our lives fulfilling.

This thirst for information seems like it will always be around, but with so much information out there people need filters.

What Is Information Marketing?

Information marketing can be defined in a few different ways.

The concept of information marketing or of the information market is that you can sell information. I guess something like eMarketer would be an example. They do hard work to develop research and they sell it to people that want the information so they can make decisions.

Other information might come in the form of fiction such as a novel. The information in a novel is entertaining and gives people pleasure in life.

There is a lot of information that fulfills life and makes us better as people.

What we’re going to talk about, though, is how you can use information to market your business.

Using Information to Market Your Business

Let’s get back to the eMarketer example. What eMarketer does to promote its business (selling research and information) is give away some of the info for free.

I use the free information from eMarketer all the time here on GBW. It’s valuable insight into the business world. They really dig into how people interact with the online and offline work. It’s a great resource even as a free service.

eMarketer is quoted often throughout the marketing world. They are well known because they provide this information for free. This strategy gets them attention and from there they can sell their services, which is deep research and insight that businesses need to operate.

You can use this same strategy for your business.

Business Blogging = Information Marketing

eMarketer is one example of a company that uses a blog as an information marketing tool.

Business blogging gives you a platform for sharing information that attracts interest from your target audience.

The great thing is you already have the knowledge to create amazing blog content.

Think about the questions your customers ask you in real life or on the phone or via email. The answers you provide make for the best blog content.

You’re already giving the answers to your customers and prospects. Now you can turn those answers into a blog post or video. In that form it will be available all the time for people to discover.

You know that your prospects have the same questions as your current customers. You can get their interest as they search for answers online and you can earn their trust by providing a great answer for free.


Are you interested in information marketing with a business blog yet?

Blogging is growing in popularity among businesses. The idea of blogging still carries the reputation of individuals sitting in their basements typing away about their lives, but blogging has evolved to be much more.

Today, businesses, like eMarketer, use blogging to share information with a target audience. It’s an early stage in the sales process. The audience discovers the information through channels like search, social and word of mouth. From there they become interested. The blog earns the trust of the audience and customers are earned.

It’s a proven strategy and one that can work for your business.