HTC Launches Company Blog

The New HTC Blog

The company responsible for launching some of today’s most popular smartphones and mobile devices is launching a blog.

HTC and the new HTC blog are already popular.

The launch has been written about and comments are flying in from the passionate audience.

The first post was a great introduction and HTC even shared some of their plans for the blog with readers. The strategies outlined are perfect for a tech company. They are looking to use the knowledge from the inside of the firm as a way to add value to their customer experience.

From Welcome to the Official HTC Blog:

This is your destination for the stories behind

    • The design of HTC devices
    • The amazing camera you carry with you everyday
    • Beats Audio integration and what it means to you
    • What’s going on inside HTC

Our “Customer Spotlight” will highlight some of the inspiring stories about how real people are using HTC devices to stay connected and share their life experiences.

The story idea is something that is very interesting. I think it’s really cool when company highlight the stories of their customers. People enjoy reading case studies and watching videos of how products can be used to do great things.

With HTC, it seems there could be some interesting things a person could do with a great tech phone. I know there is much more I could probably be doing with my own phone (not an HTC). It would be interesting to see how others have found ways to create and do great things with their devices.

HTC Blogging Strategy and Your Company

HTC isn’t breaking any new ground with their blogging strategy, but that doesn’t mean the company can’t differentiate itself.

Companies, large and small, have used similar strategies to create successful blogs and video blogs. Off the top of my head I think of Google and Apple as two of the obvious choices for this strategy.

Google has many of the most popular blogs. The company shares the latest news about their company on each of their product blogs. People are always waiting for the official posts from Google about recent updates and changes. It’s a source of trust as opposed to secondhand leaks or stories on other blogs about the company. Google also shares videos on their various YouTube channels, which are really blogs in a way where people can see stories of how Google users are using Google to do great things such as earn money with AdSense.

The interesting thing about Apple is how they have historically used their advertising almost like a blog. Apple has been and is still great at sharing customer stories within advertising. Even the old iPod ads where people are dancing to music with their white iPod. That is a very vague image of how a person should be using the device. Even today, Apple shows videos of people consuming content on their iPads. The rumor is the next iPad will be focused more on content creation and that should be interesting too. People want to see how they can use things to create and consume.

It will be interesting to follow the HTC blog updates. They have already shared a few posts including some news updates on software and products. The blog appears well followed and I’m sure it will become a great resource for those that are already HTC customers and those considering it.

There is definitely a community around the brand and I’m sure that will only grow larger and stronger as the blog ages and matures.

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