How To Repurpose A YouTube Review Video Into A Blog Post

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Reviews have become pretty popular on YouTube. There are all kinds of folks creating amazing videos. And brands are reaching out to form partnerships. Sometimes the creators will just feature the logos of those brands. Their sponsors. Other times, though, they will go into detail about the product or service. Like a review.

These reviews can be very helpful for those researching the products trying to decide if they should buy. And a video can be great for that.

But don’t just leave the video on its own. You can repurpose the content for a blog post and earn even more traffic and attention. For yourself, as the reviewer, and also for the brand. They may be even interested in paying more for it.

Here is how to do it.

1. Outline the Content

You may or may not have outlined what you were going to say in the video. If you did, that’s great. You can take that outline and use it for the blog post. If not, no biggie. It’s still good to create an outline from the video. You can watch, pause and take notes of the main points you’re making about the product in the video.

And that’s kind of what you’re looking for are those main points. Say it’s a 10-minute video. You’re probably looking at about a 1,000-2,000-word blog post. You probably made about 5-7 points about the product with about 100-200 words within each point.

That’s kind of how your blog post will outline. And you can tweak the order of things in the post if you think it might work a little better than the order in the video.

2. Write as a Post

Transcripts can work okay, but people typically don’t like reading them. We often speak in a video differently than we read. There is a reason that we write differently than we speak. We edit for certain things. We make it easier to read. The flow is better. All kinds of things.

So approach your repurposing that way. You want to create a blog post and not a straight transcript. You want someone that happens upon the post to think it’s the original source of the information. You want them to consume it in the way they expect, which is as a blog post.

So once you have your content outlined, fill in the open areas with the information. The information will be the same. You can watch the video to get that information. Just write it and tweak it so that it reads well. And if you notice anything you should change or add or remove then go ahead and do so.

3. Include Those Personal Stories

I like to include the personal stories in the blog post. They make for more relatable content. It’s probably why those video reviews are so popular with people. They like hearing about how others are using a product. And video makes it pretty easy to discuss.

When redoing the content as a blog post you will probably tweak the way the story is told a little. But don’t remove it entirely. Maybe use some of the quotes. Maybe make the sentences and the paragraphs shorter. That type of thing. But keep the story so readers get the same value that viewers do of the video.

4. Include screenshots or Images

Visual can still be very important in a blog post. Some folks prefer reading and not watching a video. Maybe they’re on a plane and want to reader instead of watch. It could be a lot of things.

But including visuals can help the experience. Especially for something like a review. You can take new photos to include or you could even take screenshots from the video that you created. Anything that might help the reader without overdoing it with the visuals.

Final Thought

People seem to just about all consume a certain level of video, audio and text. We all likely do all three. All three are easy to create and consume these days. As a creator, it can be very beneficial to create content for all three. Both unique and also repurposed. Taking a review video and turning it into a blog post is a great way to attract more attention. For yourself and for the brand being featured. Hopefully these little tips can help you to do that.

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