How To Make Yourself More Valuable


Round Water DropletGhost Blog Writers is part of the freelance or gig economy. We work with writers from all over that usually work for themselves. They work for us and for other clients. They have the freedom to choose their clients.

But with all that freedom and choice comes the pressure to be valuable. Not just to us, but companies like us. And there is basically unlimited competition not just from those in the field today, but those coming in each day.

The key to staying ahead of the curve is to increase your value. But how do you do that?

Here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way.

1. Self Awareness

This is #1 on the list of tips for a reason. It’s never been more important to be aware of who you are. Think of it as a discovery process. Think about what you enjoy doing…just for the challenge of it. Think about the last time you were faced with a difficult decision. What did you choose? Why did you choose it? How didi you feel after the decision?

Asking yourself these questions and thinking about the reason you do things gives you insight into who you are and what you care about. One tricky thing is getting past outside forces. Maybe you made a choice because you thought it would please your mom. You probably felt bad after that decision. You have to get to the reason why you do things and then feel good about them afterward.

Also think about what bothers you more than anything. Maybe it’s someone that is late. Or someone that curses. Or someone that isn’t kind. Or maybe when someone is too kind it bothers you.

The more you know about yourself the more you begin to observe other people and companies that share the same values. These are your ideal places to work and the better fit you are the more valuable you become to those companies. You basically do the work for them by understanding yourself, matching your values to theirs and then applying for a job.

2. Reliability

This one is pretty universal in the working world. Even in our personal lives. We appreciate when people say they will do something and then deliver. It’s amazing how often it doesn’t happen, but it’s for that reason that companies hold on to reliable people as tightly as possible. They know that it’s difficult to find.

Doing what you say you’ll do and doing it consistently gets noticed. The more reliable you are the more valuable you are.

3. Long-Term Thinking

Try to make all your decisions from the mindset of your future self. The person you’ll be in one year or five years or even 10+ years. This is how the best minds in business work. They’re always thinking about the future.

When we make decisions in the short-term we make mistakes. We come to regret them. Businesses value those that make decisions based on the long-term.

4. Listening

A big part of selling is listening to a potential customer, hearing what they’re struggling with and then seeing if what you’re selling can help. It’s not telling the person what you’re selling.

The same is true if you’re looking for work. Listen to what business owners and managers need. What they’re struggling with. What they can’t figure out. What gives them headaches.

When you hear an issue that you know you can fill simply reach out and offer to help. “I can do that.”

You’d be amazed at how fast you’ll get a “yes”. Even just for something like a test project.

5. Optimism

Choose optimism. It is a choice. And I believe that many people want to be around others that are optimistic. That want to bring them up and make them feel better.

Get away from the pessimistic people in your life. Even if that means losing some friends and family. Don’t let them bring you down. It will make you less appealing to businesses.

Businesses want people that see opportunity to grow. If you fear the future there is no reason for a business to hire you.

For all of human history, tomorrow has been better than today. Always.


These maybe weren’t the exact tactics you were looking for on this topic. But these changes in mindset have been the things I’ve seen that have worked for people. There will always be demand for these type of people in the workforce and also in our personal lives. You just have to follow them if you want to make yourself more valuable.

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