How To Improve Your Sales Pitch

Your sales pitch should always be evolving.

Your sales pitch is what you tell your potential customer to get them to purchase.

Obviously there can be a whole process that works with that.

The best salespeople I have interacted with in sales are usually the ones that do the best with asking questions and learning about their prospective customer.

They look to make sure that the customer is a good fit. They learn what difficulties the customer is having and then relate those challenges back to the product.

But ultimately it comes down to the pitch: what your product can do for the customer.

I won’t claim to have all the answers on this topic, but I do think I’ve picked up some good things over the years about how to hone in on a good sales pitch.

It’s still a work in progress so I’ll be following these tips myself.

Let’s get into it…

Tip #1. Ask New Customers Regular Questions

One thing I’ve found to be helpful with the sales pitch is to ask new customers a few questions as part of the onboarding process.

When a new inquiry comes into GBW we always ask how they found us and why they came to us. We can assume that they come to us for blogging services. Obviously that’s the case, but over the years customers have said things like:

We don’t like to write blog posts.

We don’t have the time to write blog posts.

We’re not the best with WordPress.

We just need better SEO.

We need more customers and aren’t doing any online marketing right now.

All of those things give us more insight into the real issues or customers have and it helps us better understand the pain points and we can improve our pitch.

New customers are great resources for this kind of information because they’re in the right frame of mind to express issues. Current customers are great too, but you can probably ask them different types of questions.

Tip #2. Get In Front Of Objections

There will always be questions and objections. Get in front of them. Document every objection you receive and especially the ones you hear again and again.

On your website, for example, provide the answers to all the common questions. I’ve found that if you answer all the common questions on your site that you’ll really qualify the inquiries that come through the site. They’re usually ready to purchase by the time they get to the contact form.

You can do the same on the phone or in person. Anticipate all the questions and tweak your pitch to include the responses or information.

You don’t have to say, “You might be thinking that this is priced to high so let me explain…”

Just do more explaining of the value of what you’re offering so that the prospective customer has their answer before they need to ask the question.

Tip #3. Go Above & Beyond

I’ve been paying attention to some things Garth Brooks has been doing for several years with how he packages his music. He doesn’t just come out with a new album and sell it for $10 like every other artist.

What Garth does is look to go above and beyond all that to make his music package seem extremely value. He wants his fans to get incredible value.

That doesn’t make people forget the price of something. We’re always concerned with price, but we feel better if we feel like we’re getting a great deal whether we’re spending $10 or $30 or $100.

Garth is releasing his new album as part of a 10-pack of albums. All for $30. So really each CD is $3/ea. Or you could look at it as $20 for all of Garth’s old material.

That’s kind of what makes up the package. It’s old songs that have been released before along with the new album, but there are some other special things in there.

The point is that Garth improves his sales pitch, which could have been “New Album” to something above and beyond with the “10-Album Pack”.

Tip #4. Keep It Positive

One of the tendencies I’ve noticed, at least with myself, was to focus on the negative side of things. I’d look at a business that came to GBW and tell them that they didn’t have an updated blog. As a result, they needed our service.

A slight shift in language took out the negative side of things. It’s just getting into the fact that the business could have more posts, better SEO and more leads over time.

It’s not that they’re lacking or missing something now. They just could have more.

It’s a slight shift, but it just kind of jumps past the negative side of things. In general, people don’t like to be told what they’re doing wrong or lacking in even if they know it.

Just keep it positive and people seem much more open to something.

Tip #5. Simplify

Finally, I’ve found that the best sales pitches are easy to understand and very simple. I like to always look for a way to make it as simple as possible to understand.

So many times I get to a business website and can’t really figure out what the company does. They use a bunch of internal language to explain what they do. They use words like “Premier”, but don’t really say in simple words what they provide to their customers.

That’s really what you need to answer for every potential customer:

What can you do for me?

Answer that question in the simplest way possible and you’ll be in business with a great pitch.

Final Thought

I’m sure you have a great sales pitch right now. But I’m guessing you’re here because you’re curious about ways to make it even better. And that’s great! I’m always looking for ways to improve to. Hopefully the tips above will help you continually improve your sales pitch. I follow these tips and make improvements. And if I stumble on anymore I’ll be sure to update this post or create a new one.

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