How To Help Your Franchisees Avoid Overwhelm

Blue ArtOverwhelm can affect just about anybody. It can come from a variety of sources. Work is definitely one of them. And work is all relative in terms of overwhelm also. You don’t have to be running a business to face intense overwhelm. But business owners and managers are definitely susceptible to overwhelm.

Franchisees are definitely susceptible to it. That’s especially true if are new to the world of running a business. They might not know all the little challenges that pop up and that take up time and energy. You can be going in a hundred different directions throughout the day. That can be difficult for the brain to manage.

If you see that franchisees are dealing with overwhelm, here are a few things that could help.

1. Build In Time For Unexpected Challenges

Sometimes in life we make plans. Those plans are often created with the idea that things will go smoothly. But life is not smooth. And when something unexpected comes up it can throw off the entire schedule.

Here is the thing, though. We know that unexpected things will come up regularly. Not the same thing every time. But they will happen. So why not plan for it?

Make it part of your program to build in buffer time to deal with unexpected things. Maybe an hour a day. Best case is nothing unexpected happens and now the franchisee has time to get ahead somewhere else. Worst case, you have at least some time to deal with the new issue.

2. Encourage Unplugged Time

It’s incredibly easy these days to be attached to work. Some people expect instant responses at all hours of the day. Help your franchisees set a reasonable work schedule. There is a reason that we worked 9-5 for so many years and unplugged for the rest. We need it. For leisure and recovery, but also for dealing with things in our personal lives.

Help your team set schedules and also help them by not being demanding during off hours. Don’t expect them to respond instantly. It starts with you.

3. Look For Tasks To Delegate/Outsource

Businesses grow. It’s a good thing. But it brings challenges. Perhaps your franchise has been growing. As businesses grow they do tend to make new hires, but often it’s existing team members that take on more responsibility. That can lead to a point of overwhelm.

If you see that happening in your franchise, look for the biggest issues and start aiming to outsource or delegate. You have to take some things off plates if you keep adding.

4. Encourage And Build Up

Sometimes it’s a lowering self conscious that adds to overwhelm. We miss on a few little things and it begins to affect our confidence. We start to question if we’re capable of doing a good job and being a good leader.

As the franchisor, you want to encourage and build up your franchisees. You want to find the positives and remind them that they are doing a good job. You want to share the stories of other franchisees with them. Not just the positives, but the struggles.

5. Encourage Physical Activity

Physical activity can be a point of stress. So this may not apply in all situations. But for many situations, more physical activity is a good thing. Just getting out of an office and taking a walk can be a good thing for many. Especially business leaders. Getting out in nature and taking a walk even for 20 or 30 minutes can lead to a better mental space. Encouraging it and leading by example can be great for a franchise and its franchisees.


Part of being a good business leader is helping your team in all aspects. Not just with business and professional support, but also making sure that they can handle the pressures of the day-to-day. It’s a lot of responsibility on franchisees. They have lots of decisions to make. They have their own teams to worry about. They have a lot of little things that pull them in different directions.

The more you can help to offset anything that is overwhelming them the better of they and the franchise overall will be.

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