How To Find Things To Be Thankful For At Work

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Many in my generation seem to place work in a high regard. It could be my peer group and the peer groups I’ve had over the years. But even as I read about others that are of a similar age it seems that work comes with a lot of importance. And maybe that is true for every generation as they come of age.

But it seems that many Millennials want fulfillment from their work. They like having a title. They like recognition. They want to contribute to a greater good. Things like that.

The tricky thing is that most of us will ultimately have jobs. Very few actually have careers. I’ve read a lot of biographies about successful people when it comes to their careers. And a common theme is that many either ignore their families completely or they spend very little time with their families.

Now, that’s not right or wrong. But if you’re like many people and you want a family then you’re likely going to need a job, not a career. There just isn’t enough time or energy in the day.

But you can still be thankful for the work you have.

1. Are You Good At Your Work?

One of the ways we get fulfillment is by being good at something. It makes us feel good. And the more you work the better you typically become at it. You get really good at the tasks. The repetition makes you good. So it might not be a job where you’re saving the world, but look at what you’re doing and how you’ve improved and how good you’ve become. That can provide some fulfillment.

That’s something to be thankful for. As your kids get older you can feel pride at being good at your job. You can tell them about what you do. It’s a worthwhile thing.

There may even be some growth opportunities involved. That can also provide some fulfillment.

2. What Does It Allow You To Do Outside Of Work?

Now that my generation is getting older we are starting to feel what I guess other generations have felt. It’s important to have time for friends and family. I remember when I was kid that my dad delayed promotions so that he could have more control over his schedule.

When you’re in your 20s and don’t have kids that isn’t a consideration. You don’t understand that line of thinking. But as you get more into middle age you start seeing the value in that. You start to be thankful to even have that opportunity. Not everybody has that choice even.

Maybe it’s not family. Maybe it’s hobbies. Travel. Golf. Whatever. A job can provide those things even if you don’t love the job you have.

3. What Relationships Do You Value?

Great friendships can be found at work. You may not love the job, but maybe there are two or three people that you really appreciate. You don’t love the boss, but you love a coworker. You appreciate the time you’re able to spend with them.

Obviously it’s a give and take. There is a balance. But if you can get past or avoid a few bad relationships at work you can likely foster the really good ones. The ones that make you look forward to going in every morning and smiling when you’re there.


Not every job is great. Not every job is good. And if you have options it’s good to consider them. But it’s also important to find the good in any situation. Jobs can provide a lot. Very few of us have careers that consume our lives and bring true purpose to our lives. There are other things. Maybe every generation goes through that. I think mine is going through it right now.

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