How To Become More Well Known In Your Local Area

Small Town Main Street
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We often think big for a lot of things in life. One area might be with professional success. It’s certainly possible to achieve success on a global scale. But it’s also possible to achieve success on a local scale. This can lead for just about anybody to be happy.

Maybe it’s because being successful on a local scale seems attainable that we shy away from it. We stick to our big dreams because the dream makes us feel good about inaction.

Anyway, perhaps the best way to achieve success on the local level is to work. Maybe to grow a business. Even a small business. If you’re producing something that benefits the locals, you’re going to get their attention. You might bring jobs. You might bring people. You might bring entertainment.

It’s not always about marketing and promotion. Often it’s about providing value in some way and usually through some form of business. That’s not always the fun option though because it takes lots of repetition over the long-term to build something like that.

Let’s say you’re on your way to building something, though. Here are a few other ways to achieve more local recognition.

1. Personal Appearance Advertising

Over the years I’ve noticed that a few business owners or managers in my area have become well known thanks to their investment and appearance in local advertising. I can think of one car dealer manager in particular that focused on short ads on local radio. He would say something for about five seconds for an ad. His voice became well known. Then he did the same on TV and his face became well known.

Local media usually have some options to buy in relatively cheap. They will work to make you look good. It might be a challenge at first, but over time you can improve and get a lot of exposure in the community.

2. Hyper Local Social Media Focus

Unfortunately, local media are struggling to find a business model that works. Local newspapers are struggling for subscribers and ad revenue. Local radio is struggling. Many are firing their local DJs and simply playing nationally syndicated shows with national DJs. TV has been hanging on a little bit, but even they are struggling.

That doesn’t mean people don’t want local news and information. There is an opportunity for businesses to create this same content on their website, on channels like YouTube and on social media.

Instead of the local DJ, you can be the local podcast host.

3. Sponsorship

Maybe you don’t want to create the content yourself for your local area. That’s an option too. There are likely a few people in your area creating content that others are consuming. It’s probably happening more on social media these days.

Find those people and offer to be a sponsor. For their podcast. For their YouTube videos. Whatever.

4. Charity

Every local community has wonderful charities. Obviously the main benefit of providing for charity is to help the charity. Some celebrities have struggled with how to deal with charity. They want to give. They often don’t want to be recognized for it. But they also realize that they can bring attention to the charity if they attach their name to it.

Find a charity in your local area that means a lot to you. Begin investing a planned amount of money and time into the charity. Work to grow the charity. Work to bring more people in.

There are many benefits to this and one that may come back around to you is that you become more well known.


Sometimes it’s better to become successful in a small town versus chasing dreams of worldwide success. You can probably identify someone in your local area that you can emulate. See what they have done to become more well known in the area. See if they align with the ideas here.

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