How Business Blogging Helps The Sales Manager

I’ve been realizing more just how important the sales manager is for any company.

A really good sales manager can be entirely responsible for growth in a company.

Good products and service will take you far, but without a sales manager you won’t get to your full potential. They are the ones that know how to get your company to the target customer. And they know how to close the deal so both parties are happy for the long-term.

In today’s world of conversion-based Web analytics we forget about the long-ter customer relationship.

Long-term profit is the goal. It’s not about the one-time sale.

Sales managers get this fact.

This is my suggestion to sales managers to make their jobs a little bit easier and it’s based on my experience in sales up to this point at Ghost Blog Writers.

Business Blogging for The Sales Manager

Here is my experience with a business blog.

After more than two years of blogging – starting out with one post per week and now doing five per week – the traffic on this site has reached an alright level. We’re only a micro fraction of what the big media sites are doing, but the goal is not to get that kind of traffic. It would be nice, but we’re about targeted traffic for ourselves and our customers.

We focus on the questions our target clients have. They search for these questions on Google and Twitter. They ask friends for advice on these questions.

We answer the questions with blog posts and those people that are searching find us.

A business owner that wants to see examples of business blogs will search and find the big list of companies that blog. They find out about GBW. They learn about all the companies that are blogging. They become more intrigued about blogging. They subscribe for more updates. They learn more about blogging and business. They learn about GBW – who we are, the people that work behind the scenes and what the philosophies are.

They eventually get to the decision to start a blog. They know they need help with the writing. They contact us because we’ve earned their trust with the content we create.

The content led to the introduction and it earned the trust.

When prospects reach out to GBW they are basically already sold. The process took place behind the scenes. We try to answer all questions on the site so people are ready to get started when they fill out the contact form.

We’ve had to change content on the site to make this possible. We learned from experience with prospects. We listened to their questions and put the answers on the site.

It’s great when a client calls us up and says, “I’ve read your posts. I’ve read about your company. How do we start?”

I don’t consider myself a salesperson and when you have a business blog that works well you really don’t have to be a good sales person. I can tell people how to get started using GBW. It doesn’t require any sales because all the relationship building took place with the blog and the website.

This is  how I think sales managers can benefit from business blogging.

It’s certainly a long-term strategy. You aren’t going to get your company many sales in the first year or even two years as a result of the blog.

But if you start now and put in the effort you’ll have an asset that will drive customers to your company for the long-term.

It’s a great asset and one that can make the sales manager even more successful.

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