Happy Entrepreneurs Seem To Appreciate What They Have

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Happiness is a choice.

That might be one of the most frustrating sayings.

I don’t know if it’s because it’s so simple and probably true or because it’s obvious but not easy to do.

Obviously if it was a choice we would all choose to be happy. But sometimes we get into funks where we think the world is against us. We complain and we notice all the depressing things about life.

It seems to happen in the entrepreneur world. Maybe it’s the stress that comes with the territory that causes that type of mindset.

A few entrepreneurs I’ve known, and others that aren’t entrepreneurs, seem to chase happiness.

Chasing Happiness

This would be the situation where you’re thinking thoughts like:

Things just aren’t going right. Time for a vacation.

Once I get that new outfit it’ll brighten my day.

Once we get through this tough time it’ll all be good.

Sound familiar?

I think just about everybody says those things from time to time; some version of them. We think that we just need to do something fun or buy something to find happiness.

But in my experience that really doesn’t work. It might work for a very short amount of time, but happiness comes from somewhere deeper within. It’s not about changing something on the surface.

Finding Happiness In Your Current Life

The happiest people and happiest entrepreneurs seem to be the ones that find happiness in their current lives.

They don’t think about what they don’t have, which is not easy if you’ve been focusing on what you don’t have for a long time.

Sure, happy people aren’t happy all the time, but they seem to look at what they already have and what already makes them happy. They don’t brush aside those happy moments and experiences.

I think the other key is looking at your life and not comparing it to others. I think it’s natural to do that a little bit, but happiness comes from within.

And I think it’s even the little things; the little emotions that make people the most happy.

Like sitting on the couch reading a good book and realizing how nice that moment is.

Or having a great conversation with the person you love the most and smiling as you learn something about them that you didn’t know.

Embracing Serendipity

Of course part of life is discovering things that make you happy. You can probably do some of that by going out and seeking happiness, but as I mentioned I think that can be dangerous. I think you set yourself up for disappointment.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try new things.

I think going into new situations with no expectations is the way to go if possible. It doesn’t mean you have to like everything, but try to be more observant of the times when something new does make you happy.

And then embrace that serendipity and do that thing you enjoy more often. You’ll probably have more moments when you’re thankful for discovering that great new hobby or person.

Not Being Ashamed Of Enjoying What Makes You Happy

Then we finally have this weird thing that some people do. They almost seem ashamed of doing things that make them happy. I think this is especially true in the entrepreneur world. It’s easy to feel like you need to be working all the time and any form of fun is not good.

Forget that.

Life is too short to worry about what someone might think of your free time. I think in the end we mostly all work out to about the same amount of work. So there is no reason to be ashamed when you work hard and then take some time to do something you love.

Final Thought

If you’re struggling to find your happiness then hopefully this post has been helpful. It was just something I’ve noticed, especially in the entrepreneur world, with people chasing happiness.

It’s not really something you can find on vacation or with a new pair of shoes. That might make you feel good for a little while, but the real world will be there when you snap back to the regular routine.

Happiness comes from appreciating what you have and what makes you happy now. And you can discover new little happiness nuggets by being open about new things and embracing happiness when you find it.

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