5 Daily Habits That Can Lead To More Sales

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Get yourself and your team performing regular habits and it will lead to more sales.

Some of the best businesspeople I’ve been around in my life all had the ability to think about the big picture while also being able to bring back the big picture into regular habits.

You need a vision of what you want to accomplish whether that’s something in business or even in your personal life. If you don’t know where you’re going you’re going to have a tough time getting there.

But even if you have the image in your mind it’s only going to be a dream unless you figure out the steps on how to get there.

Think about a road trip. You imagine yourself getting to a destination. You pick that destination, but then you need to map out the route to get there and that route is broken down into steps starting with getting the car out of your driveway or getting on the plane at the airport.

Now, driving your car is pretty standard. You’ve done it so much that you don’t even think about it.

That’s how habits and routines work. You do it every day or close to every day and with each step you get closer to where you want to do until you’re there.

That’s how all things in life work.

Getting More Sales With Habits

A goal for most businesses is to get more sales. It’s always on the list for me at Ghost Blog Writers and I’ve been working on how I can turn the goal of more sales into reality with daily habits and routines.

I brainstormed some habits I have used and that I think you can use to get more sales. You might not have time for all of them right now, but starting with one or two each day or every few days can lead to more sales and over time you can add the others on the list or others you think of yourself.

1. Contacting Clients And Prospects

For each of these habits the goal begins with a number you have in mind for sales. Maybe you want to get 10 new inquires each month or maybe you want to double sales in the next year.

Those goals are great, but they’re big picture. You work backwards to regular habits to make those goals reality.

The most common is to contact current clients and prospects. I read somewhere and I wish I could link to the study that you have to contact a prospect around eight times before they start to get serious about buying your service or product.

That takes dedication so reaching out to current clients and prospects to check-in on things and build the relationship is necessary. I admit I’m not the best, but that’s why I have to make this part of a regular habit – just staying in touch with people. It can lead to more sales over time.

2. Reaching Out For Guest Post And Interview Opportunities

This is one I’ve been doing every month for the last couple months. The rate of success isn’t too high, but I’ve been learning what makes for a better outreach email. Or maybe I should be calling or doing something else.

One thing I’ve learned is that I need to invest more time into learning about the blogs, podcasts or whatever it is I’m reaching out to. And that makes sense. So I’ve been listening to podcasts each day while I make breakfast.

Then over time I can reach out to see if they’re interested in having me on as a guest. And I do the same with guest posting. I read blogs and over time reach out with emails to see if I can guest post. I usually have a few ideas for posts ready when I email.

It can lead to more exposure for me, Ghost Blog Writers and that leads to more leads and sales.

3. Writing A Blog Post

Full disclosure – Ghost Blog Writers provides blogging services for businesses, but I do think this one deserves to be on the list even though I’m biased.

But consider this – Neil Patel (Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics, Quick Sprout) says that the number one channel he uses to grow his companies is blogging.

Not advertising. Not affiliates.


And it starts with a regular blogging schedule. Daily blogging would be great. I blog three times each week here on the GBW Blog and most of our clients find us through our blog.

Even one blog post per week is a good place to start.

4. Finding Industry Case Studies, Studies And Stats

Stats can really help your selling position. Making it a habit to find stats and studies can really benefit how you are able to sell and how many deals you can close.

There are tons of resources out there that you should follow for information in your industry. I try to keep up with the things on eMarketer, but also on other channels like Nielsen.

Finding that post from Neil Patel is another example. Stuff like that is all over and if you make a regular habit to read and find that information it can help you when you’re selling your product or service.

5. Identifying One New Potential Client

This is a simple one. Find one new potential client each day. It might not even take that long. You could go on CrunchBase and look for startups and companies that have recently gotten some new funding.

Look for companies in your target audience and do some research. Look into them and see if they’re a perfect fit to be your client. Add one to your list each day or each week and start reaching out to them with your sales process.

These are five things you can do to get more sales with regular habits. My hope is that this can spark even more ideas for daily habits that can help you achieve your big picture sales goals.

Final Thought

The biggest takeaway from here is to form good habits that lead to more sales for your business. The title of this post mentioned daily habits and I think you can do these things every day, but even if you’re doing them every week or once a month it can lead to more sales.

Put the item on your calendar and schedule the item to repeat however often you want. Use that item as a task that you have to do when it’s on the calendar. You can’t just delete it without doing it. That’s something that’s worked for me and it’s resulted in more sales.

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