A Great Example of Content Strategy: Green Bay Packers

November 19, 2012By

Last week we focused a little too much on what isn’t working too well online. It’s time to get back on the positive side of things. Here is another great example of an organization I feel is doing really well with content strategy.

First, this post first started because I was looking at NBA websites. It was surprising to me that no NBA team has its own website (when I say “no” I mean at least the six I searched for in ten minutes…). The NBA seems to keep all the websites on its own site, which is fine. It was just interesting.

I’m a bigger fan of the NFL than the NBA so I was used to the NFL teams that keep their own websites.

My favorite team, the Green Bay Packers, have a site I feel is really well put together especially with the content they create.

It’s All About Content

Packers Homepage

When you first visit the official Packers website (www.packers.com) you’ll notice that it’s all about the content. The links on the main page are sending people to news articles, official blog posts and videos. That’s what people are looking for. Fans want information direct from the source and in the last few years the teams have really done a great job with providing more insight for the fans.

News and updates are obviously a big part of what the Packers are about. People watch the games, but those only happen once a week. For the six days in between when there are no games people want information. They want to know what is happening at all times and how any event will impact the upcoming game.

The Packers and other NFL teams have focused on providing this content. They report the news accurately and right from the source. To further establish itself as a great source of information the Packers even provide opinion articles in the form of blog posts and videos. The writers on the site are great for keeping fans engaged in the team, which all leads to more interest in the team and likely more sales for things like merchandise and tickets. The site also has sponsors and those sponsors want views. All this content brings in tons of views for the team.

Now, obviously it helps that the Packers have been a good to very good team for the last 20 years. Winning seems to help build interest in the organization.

Video For the Future

What the NFL and all the teams have been doing for years and doing it really well has been video. The Packers bring in video from the NFL website, which includes highlights and analysis from the NFL Network. Those are great additions, but what really makes the site unique is the video the team creates.

I’m sure there are limitations, but the staff at the Packers does a great job. They give insight into individual players. They bring in experts and former players to provide analysis and understanding about the games. It’s all more content for the fans that further enhances the experience and makes the overall point of being of a Packer fan more worthwhile and valuable.

A Quick Note on Facebook

Just a quick note. The Packers do have a Facebook page. The page gets a few unique updates. The photos shared there are great, but the base of operations is clearly the website. Articles are shared on Facebook. There are tons of photos and videos on the site. If you want to be a Packer fan you go to the website and not to Facebook.

So there is a look at an organization that is doing really well with its website and content.

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