Finding Time To Be Alone With Your Thoughts

Dayne Golf
For me, hitting golf balls early in the morning is another good “alone time”.

You see a lot of really interesting things when you’re in nature. This weekend I was whitetail deer hunting here in Wisconsin. It’s something I’ve enjoyed since I was 12 years old. I saw only a couple deer this weekend, but I also saw something I had never seen before…

I was sitting in the tree when I heard crunch, crunch, crunch

Something was running through the woods close by. I looked up and saw a flash of red. It was a fox running through the woods. And only a few seconds behind was another fox.

I’ve seen fox in the woods before, but never running that fast and never one chasing the other. It was kind of cool.

Away From The Connection

It’s always exciting to see animals in their natural habitat. Here in Wisconsin you can see deer, birds and a ton of other animals while sitting in the woods for a couple hours.

But it’s also just refreshing to listen to the silence of nature. It was a real calm weekend where I was and you could hear for what seemed like miles in the woods.

Where I was I didn’t have cell reception. It’s kind of a hassle, but also a blessing. I have downloaded articles and books to read on my phone while in the woods, but this weekend I spent time just observing nature.

Although one of the articles I read was about de-plugging from the world: One Man’s Year Of Digital Detox. The writer found that being alone in nature gave one time to be along with his or her thoughts. The writer finds that he can best do this while going for walks.

I like walking and will probably do more, but for me the way to meditate right now is while in the woods. You have to be quiet. You can’t move around. You have to sit still and listen and think.

You think about your life and what really matters for you personally and professionally. You think about your loved ones. You think about your family. You think about what you ate for breakfast. You think about a new restaurant to try.

And then you get caught up in the present. You hear a bird pecking on a tree. You watch a squirrel jump from branch to branch.

Those are the moments of Zen. You’re completely in the present, thinking only about what is happening right now.

Finding Your Alone Time

Hunting works for me. I can reach moments of Zen and I always come away feeling refreshed. It’s good to find time to be alone with your thoughts. The article above shared a few studies that found the benefit of taking time away from the computer. As a business owner, I know you probably spend a lot of time connected and plugged in.

But you can do a better job when you unplug. Maybe you already have your alone time. If not, here are just a few more ideas I thought about while sitting in my tree:

Already mentioned:

  • Hunting
  • Walking

Additional ideas:

  • Hiking
  • Hitting balls on the driving range
  • Sitting in the park
  • Sitting by a pond or lake
  • Standing on a cliff overlooking the city
  • Biking
  • Swimming
  • And there are surely many more…

I think it’s important to get outside. Just about all your senses come alive in nature. You see the animals. You hear them. You feel the wind. It’s a more sensory experience than being inside.

Final Thought

Earlier this year I wanted to save the Friday posts here on the GBW Blog for more lighter posts. Business is not all about the financials and marketing. It’s also about people and also about yourself and your health. Sitting out there in the woods this weekend I was reminded that hunting isn’t just about the sport for me. It’s about the enjoyment of the alone time in nature and the positive affect that has on my mind and my overall health and ability to perform at my job.

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