Define Your Customer

December 13, 2011By

This is perhaps the most important part of business blogging.

Defining your customer, your true core customer is something you have to do when writing posts. Even if you have already started a blog it’s never too late to focus in on the person you want to reach and really cater every single post you write to them.

Something I often see with business bloggers is they will write posts for a variety of people. Business owners will write a few posts with their customers in mind. The owners will then write a couple posts with their peers in mind. Imagine a baker writing a post about how to properly organize their display in the store. That post might not be that interesting to the baker’s customers, but it would be interesting to other bakers.

But that’s not the goal of the baker’s blog. They want to attract potential customers from their target audience: people that love cakes, cookies, and delicious treats.

It’s important to define who your exact target customer is. Imagine this person. Find a picture of someone online and put that picture up in front of your computer as you sit down to write your posts. This is the person you are writing every post for so be sure the content is appealing and interesting for their needs.

I’ve found that focusing in on a specific person actually makes writing easier. And that’s what most people tell me is the most difficult aspect of blogging. When I’ve told people to focus on a specific person the ideas seem to flow easier and the blogging makes more sense.

A honed strategy focused on your defined customer is one of the most important things you can do right now to have success with your business blog.

Takeaways from this post:

  • Write a description of your target customer. Give them a name, occupation, and hobbies.
  • Post a picture of your core customer in front of your computer.
  • Write your posts for only one person and really solve their problems and answer their questions.
  • Sometimes blogs have multiple readers. If this is the case it’s ok to focus on multiple customers. Just be sure to focus on only one when writing posts.
  • Blogging can be easier when you define your customer.