Country Music Blogging Strategy Tips

April 2, 2012By

The ACM Awards took place in Las Vegas last night.

It’s a great show. I enjoy seeing all the stars get together to sings songs. The performances are always my favorite part. Sure, the awards are nice, but for me it’s about the entertainment. All that talent in one room is pretty impressive.

As you might know, I manage my personal blog, Country Music Life. It’s one of the blogs I really enjoy writing for no matter what is going on. I think it’s the freedom I have with the topics that is appealing. I write it to prove to potential clients that Ghost Blog Writers is working with since not all clients like to share the fact that they have a ghost blogger working with them. It’s the nature of the business.

Anyway, a strategy I’m using more often these days with CML is to write about new artists and try to tell their stories with a post. I’ve done this on occasion in the past with posts, but I’m trying to do it more often these days.

Country Music Blogging Examples

Here are a few examples of what I mean by these features:

These stories are fun to write. I take on topics that might not be high in the search interest, but I’m starting to learn that good stories find readers in different ways.

There are the kind of posts you write for search traffic and other kinds of posts you write for word of mouth. I feel these posts linked above are the latter. They are written for the passionate fans of these artists as well as those interested in interesting stories about country artists.

I’ve found that these stories can get shared on country artist forums. A lot of the artists have their own fan forums on their websites and sometimes the fans create their own forums. Sometimes a post like this will get picked up and shared in the forum and will send lots of eyeballs to the site. That’s exciting both for the traffic, but also because a few will usually subscribe for future updates via the newsletter.

Plus it’s nice to write something interesting about a new artist that might be looking for some press. It’s fun and rewarding.

Long-Form Content Strategy

I’ve been learning a lot about writing from the long-form content aggregation site: Longreads. It’s probably my new favorite website. I can spend hours reading the stories linked on this site. They’re all incredibly interesting and I made a decision that I want to write more blog posts and articles in this fashion.

There is room for more long-form content in the world. If it tells an interesting story then people will share the post and the article will likely live on forever. It’s great stuff.

Consider adding a long-from aspect to your business blog. There is something to be said for writing different kinds of posts on your blog. Not only will you be experimenting with new kinds of posts that might catch on, but you’ll be keeping your own interest with the blog and that’s really important to keep the blog fresh for you and for readers.