5 Warning Signs That Your Content Strategy Is Lacking

Content Warning Signs
Are you losing SEO traffic?

I’ve spoken with a few business owners and managers the last couple years and a few are running into the same problems.

I thought we could examine a few of these common issues or warning signs and figure out what’s going on and how to fix them.

Here are some of the warning signs that your content strategy is lacking, which can lead to lost sales and profit.

1. Losing SEO Traffic

This has been happening for a few years for some businesses, but in the last 1-2 years it’s really picked up. Google and other search engines have been putting more focus on brand reputation and quality content. They’ve also been focusing on fresh content, which most brands ignore.

You used to be able to put some content up on your site and leave it alone. Bullet point product descriptions with just a little information for your visitors.

It doesn’t cut it anymore for your users. They aren’t getting enough information about your industry, your business and your products and services. Google sees this as they crawl the web and they’re giving more credit to the companies that have extensive content.

Consistent content publishing can help you. You’ll see more rankings, higher rankings and a better brand reputation as more people begin to discover who you are and what you do.

2. Losing Social Traffic

Same story here with lacking content. Social traffic comes from sharing information that entices people back to your website. We’ve talked about how you can share a piece of content that has 101 tips or something like that. This type of post works for numerous tweets and shares on social. You can share one tip and then link to the source where the follower can get more.

If you’re not creating content people will mostly ignore your website and brand. They might share the occasional page on your site, but for the most part you won’t get anything.

Also keep on eye out for video. People are sharing more video all the time and it’s also having an effect on SEO regarding the point above.

3. Stagnant Social Follower Counts

Same thing here. If you’re not sharing information people won’t follow you. Now, you can get away with sharing content from others and that’s actually a pretty good strategy. If you’re sharing useful information that your target customer is interested you can build a strong following.

But creating your own content strategy allows your brand’s personality to shine through and that’s what people want. They want to see your style. They want to connect with the people at your brand.

4. Conversion Rate Is Down

Maybe your traffic hasn’t been down that much, but your conversion rate is down. It could be that your content is lacking.

People expect more from brands today. They want to read and watch extensive descriptions of products. They want customer reviews and testimonials.

Customers also want useful tips and entertaining stories. Content has become part of the product and service you sell. Having a great product may help you get by for a while, but people now like to have content along with the item they’re actually purchasing.

Content is part of your product and service.

5. Stagnant Email Response Rates

People grow tired of email that has the same old same. They want fresh items in the email.

So many brands use promotions to get email response, but it’s a slippery slope and it changes the course of your business.

If you’re looking for another way to build your email program without giving away the farm it would be beneficial to start building your content strategy.


These warnings signs have more to do with losing something, but they are also important if you suspect you’re missing out on traffic and sales. That would come into play for businesses that are new to the web.

If these points talk to your business follow the advice found within each point to help you reverse the trends or to take advantage of the opportunity you have to get more customers online.

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