Don’t Focus on the Device, Focus on the Content

Marketers are focusing once again on the device.

Check out the article on eMarketer – Most TV, Tablet Interactions Involve Another Screen.

The entire focus of the article is about how people are using devices. There is discussion of just about every channel and how consumers are using them in tandem or on their own to find information. People are searching. People are sharing. People are checking email and using social media sites.

Here is a snippet:

Apart from simultaneous usage, the study also looked at sequential usage—the transitioning from one device to another. The vast majority (90%) of respondents used a combination of screens over time to accomplish tasks such as emailing, researching or shopping, with 98% of transitions from one device to another occurring in the same day. This points to multidevice usage having a significant role in the typical purchase process, something neither brand nor direct-response marketers can ignore.

There is more. It’s interesting data. I almost copied the last paragraph, but you’ll have to click through above to check it out. The basic point is that people are changing the device they use, but there is something that really isn’t changing.

All That Matters Is The Content

In my view the only thing that matters is the content.

For the last century there has been a constant change in the devices we use. The channels have changed. Marketers seem to focus on the channel more than the actual merchandise they’re selling or the content they are writing. At the end of the day the only thing that really matters is the merchandise and word of mouth marketing. The CEO of J. Crew said as much recently.

When you’re looking for business profits the channels and devices don’t matter. People will always change channels. If you can better earn the attention of your customer by using TV or tablet advertising or a combination of both then you should do those things. That’s a given.

But don’t lose sight of the content. The quality of the content in the future will determine if you are able to earn attention, earn trust and earn a sale. That’s how things work in the online world. It doesn’t matter if you’re creating a how to article or a commercial. They are all content today and it’s important for marketers to understand this.

What are your thoughts on devices, channels and content?

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