7 Content Marketing Quotes From Business Superstars

 Bryan Goldberg / Pando Daily
Bryan Goldberg sees investors going heavily toward content. Image / Pando Daily

There is a lot of my voice on this blog.

Hopefully you get something out of it, but sometimes I feel like we need to bring in different voices.

One of the ways I like to do that is by adding quotes from the best business people out there. We’ve done it before with our article featuring five of the best in the business talking about business blogging and its effectiveness.

We’re going to do that again, but this time we have seven different experts and they’re talking about content marketing in general.

1. “Content marketing is perhaps one if the most effective and yet underutilized ways for early stage startups to gain traction.” Joel Gascoigne, Co-Founder Buffer

That just about says it all.

2. “Our starting point is content because our business is about selling the consumer what they want.” James Murdoch, COO of 21st Century Fox

Today, all companies are media companies whether they know it or not. Media companies like 21st Century Fox understand that content is what they’re selling.

For other companies, content is now part of the product. You might sell software, but the content you create is part of your brand. You use content to earn attention and trust. It’s what you give customers before you make the sale.

3. “Content is what drives streaming.” Anthony Wood, CEO of Roku

Video is growing big time online. People are watching more than ever before. Companies are scrambling to get content on their platforms. Roku needs content from others right now, but original content can’t be far behind.

4. “Now that you could read something in your hands, it changed the perspective on whether anyone would read something longer than a couple paragraphs, digitally.” Evan Ratliff, Co-Founder of Atavist

People are reading more and watching more online than ever before. Fast Internet connections and consumer-friendly devices are making it easier for people to sit and read and watch content. Companies of all kinds have an opportunity to create all kinds of content (stories, interviews, text and videos) that will earn attention.

5. “In fact, I’ll wager that the venture community is going to have to start putting money into content companies, because they are going to be one of the best performers of the 2010 decade.” Bryan Goldberg, Founder of Bleacher Report

This quote is about companies that create original content to sell advertising (or memberships), but it’s applicable to many different businesses today. If you’re selling something you can reach people with content. There is more access to content today than ever before. Those creating content are the ones earning the attention of the public.

6. “Content is… (I’m not going to conform and say it!) …the future of the SEO industry. Link attraction will replace link building and to achieve this, you need quality content.” Daniel Clutterbuck, Co-Founder of Webtise

I get asked about SEO a lot at GBW. There are questions about linking building and keywords. Honestly, building content directed toward attracting interest from your customers and their influencers is the best way to grow your business with an SEO strategy.

7. “I think more people would be in a better place if more people shared their ideas.” Evan Williams, Co-Founder of Twitter

Most companies don’t even realize they have something worthwhile to share. Every time a customer asks you a question and you provide an answer is a time when you could create a blog post to attract more customers.

If one person is asking the question you can bet many others are asking the same thing and looking for an answer.

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