The 2013 GBW Company Blog Awards

February 8, 2013By
GBW Company Blog Awards

This ain’t the Grammy Awards. via Daily Mail

This post is all about having fun.

That’s something I don’t think I do enough here on the blog and today we’ll change that.

I’m a country music fan and it seems there is a new award show every month for the genre. I guess we just love giving awards to our favorite singers or maybe it’s about the money the difference organizations can make off award shows.

Anyway…this is about having fun.

Today I’m giving out the 2013 GBW Company Blog Awards.

These are the blogs from the past year that have really impressed me in various ways. Okay. Me being impressed is not really a reason for anyone to get excited, but we’re going to do it anyway.

Welcome to the GBW Awards where everything is made up and the awards don’t matter.

That’s right the points don’t matter like a golf club Christmas present in Wisconsin.

Here we go.

The 2013 GBW Company Blog Awards

The Most Entertaining Blog That Taught Me How to Behave and Make Changes Award: PSY Blog

I’m not really sure how I operated without this blog in the past. The posts are incredibly practical and useful for everyday things. You can learn how to change simple habits like flossing every day all the way up to learning persuasion techniques for business.

If you’re not following this blog you’re missing out.

Oh, and the research is also entertaining, which makes a big difference.

The Most Open and Transparent Blog That Makes Me Wish I Had The Guts To Do The Same:

Rand Fishkin has to be the most transparent CEO in the world. Okay. That might be an exaggeration, but seriously. The guy shares the amount of money he has in his checking account.

I think we all wish we were that open and honest with our lives, but for some reason we like to keep things personal. I’m the biggest offender. I read Rand’s posts about his life and business and it makes me want to follow suit.

Oh, and his wife has an amazingly funny blog too. And they love the Packers.

The All That Matters Is Profit Blog That Bucks All The Best Practices And Gets Results: MineThatData

If you’re not following Kevin Hillstrom on his blog and on Twitter you’re missing out.

Following him keeps me in check.

All you see out there these days is information about getting traffic and measuring KPIs and other things.

All that really matters in business is profit. It’s about finding profitable ways to acquire new customers. It’s a simple concept, but one we can forget.

Kevin also has a great perspective on the demographical differences in the media people use. Make sure your target customer is using the Internet before you invest in things like social media and even email marketing.

Kevin appears to have a strong consulting business going. It’s no wonder because he knows his stuff and has the data to back it up.

The Most Confident Blog That Doesn’t Have Time for Haters Award: Social Triggers

Derek Halpern doesn’t take guff from anyone. Seriously. He wrote an entire post about how to handle haters.

It’s a good lesson for us all. We can’t control what people think of us. It doesn’t really matter. It only pays to focus on what we can control and Derek does that well. He focuses on succeeding and it doesn’t really matter what anyone says about him or the way he does things.

Oh yeah, his blog has really great information too.

That’s all for this edition of the GBW Company Blog Awards.

Hopefully we can have more in the future.