Culture is Needed for Blogging Success

April 6, 2012By

A quick tip video on Fast Company recently inspired the idea for this post.

In the video, Ward Van Beek at THNK, the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership, shared his thoughts on the importance of culture in business.

The idea that culture is necessary for business success is something I agree with. I’ve been involved in businesses with great cultures over the years. It seems when the employees are happy and when you yourself are happy that good work will result.

And by “happy” I don’t simply mean joyful all the time.

Happy can mean challenged and frustrated. Some people need a challenge at their job.

Breaking the concept of culture down the blogging level applies as well. Here are my thoughts on culture and the importance it carries for a business blog.

The Culture of a Company Blog

A business blog or any blog needs to have a culture. It’s relatively easy to create a strategy for a blog, but difficult to determine the culture. It’s an important decision to determine who will write for your blog. Their personality will ultimately be part of the culture of the blog and that will reflect on the readers that frequent the posts and discover your business.

Blogging is very much a personal endeavor. It’s up to the business manager to determine the best person or persons to write for the blog because each of those individuals will contribute their personality as well as their writing to the blog.

It’s similar to the decision you make when hiring people to work for your company. You have an idea of the people you work well with and hire those people to fill out the culture of your company.

A good way to determine who should write for your blog is to consider your target reader, which should almost always be the same person as your target customer.

It’s best to have a single person in mind when considering this person. You want to think about what is unique about this person’s worldviews and how they interact with the world.

Ask the question, who does this person relate to and follow in real life?

The answer to that question is a great candidate for your business blog. You want to find a person or persons that know how to speak the language of your target reader.

Blogging is very much emotional. Find the writers that can speak to your target customer on an emotional level and the chances of turning readers into customers will be high.

That’s the idea of creating a successful blogging culture.