Bloggers Having an Influence on Brands

The relationship between brands and bloggers is back in the news.

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Research firm, eMarketer, has another great article on the influence bloggers are having on brands – both good and bad influence. It turns out that bloggers are becoming more influential in the eyes of consumers and brands are taking notice.

It’s becoming essential to have relationships with bloggers as part of a successful brand strategy. Bloggers have influence over consumers. Your potential customers are reading reviews, expert opinions and other discussions before purchasing and these folks are turning to blogs.

Brands Blogging and Connecting With Bloggers

The entire article on eMarketer is worth your time – How Blogs Influence Purchases and Recommendations.

Much of the article focuses on how bloggers are discussing brands on their blog. These bloggers are writing both good and bad reviews for brands. The real key point of the article is for brands to recognize this fact and to connect with bloggers. It’s an evolution and smart brands and smart PR reps have already realized the necessity to connect with bloggers.

There was one little nugget from the article I found most interesting:

Bloggers are increasing in their influence over readers and other bloggers. Last year’s Technorati “State of the Blogosphere” reported that 29% of bloggers are influenced by other blogs they read. This year, that number jumped to 68%.

Think about that. More than two thirds of bloggers are influenced by the thoughts of other bloggers.

Now, what does this realization mean for brands?

Connect With Bloggers By Blogging

A while ago I highlighted the fact that brands can connect with bloggers by blogging.

It seems like an obvious tip or strategy. If bloggers are having influence over each and the goal of brands is to connect and influence bloggers then it makes sense for brands to foster the growth of their own bloggers and have those bloggers influence others in the space.

For the most part, corporate blogs are losing, but there is hope. More companies are finding good strategies to develop their own blogs and their bloggers are having influence around the web. This strategy of blogging should bode well for companies looking to positively influence bloggers that blog about their brand.


Blogging is an important part of most business strategies in 2012. It’s time for brands to realize the many benefits of having their own blog.

Blogging is a great way to build a community of online consumers that love your brand. You can increase the loyalty among your current customers with an effective blogging strategy while also attracting new customers to your brand as well.

And now you can even see how having your own corporate blog will have influence on other bloggers. If you’re company has been discussing ways to reach out to bloggers and connect there is no better way to start than by creating your own blog.

A corporate blog is the way to go for 2012. Set up your strategy right now and plan on launching your business blog first thing in 2012. By next year at this time you might already be seeing the benefits with new customers and great relationships with other bloggers.

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