Blog Analysis: WeTransfer Has A Simple Business Initiative And Communicates It On Their Blog

WeTransfer Blog Analysis
WeTransfer has a simple business idea. Does the simple theme extend into their blogging efforts?

WeTransfer has a pretty straightforward business.

They transfer big files from one place to another for people.

This is a simple, but big issue for many people.

If you’ve ever tried to transfer a file via email to someone and had it fail then you’ve experienced the frustration that WeTransfer can help with.

I’ve had it happen to me from time to time with large files like PDFs and photos. Sometimes things get to be too big for email. I’m not sure why. I’m not a developer or scientist.

I just want to be able to send something to someone else quickly and easily. No extra functions or features.

So that’s where WeTransfer comes in.

This is the first time I’ve heard of the company, however, so I’m going to explore how it works a little more.

But in the meantime I want to look at their blogging strategy.

1. Tumblr

The first unique item you’ll see about the WeTransfer blog is that it’s a Tumblr blog and hosted on Tumblr (

That’s a little different from a lot of business blogs we look at, but WeTransfer appears to be a different kind of business.

I’ve used Tumblr only a little, but I know the platform is immensely popular. I don’t think it’s right to say that it’s a younger audience that uses it, but it appears that way. It seems a little more on the hip or cool side of blogging.

I think Tumblr actually keeps the art of blogging pretty simple.

The one thing is that the blog is hosted on Tumblr. That comes with advantages and disadvantages. Having it hosted on Tumblr can make it easier to find if Tumblr promotes it as a popular blog.

But you also give up the ability to build the authority for your own domain.

2. Personality

I’m going to start with the first or latest post on the blog right now. It’s a post about phishing attacks.

I like the way WeTransfer chose to do this post.

Phishing attacks are a hassle and can be very frustrating for people. And some phishing attacks are very realistic and easy to fall for. I guess that’s the best way to put it.

And when services get popular enough they will become targets of attacks. People, hackers, will setup the attacks and pose as services like WeTransfer to try to get users to share information like passwords.

WeTransfer gives some good tips to people, including their users, to avoid the attacks. But they do it in a way that’s not entirely serious and uptight, which I like. It shows a little of the company’s personality and that’s a good thing. It makes it easier for people to connect with the brand and the others that use the service.

3. Images In How-To Posts

That post linked above also has some other good things going on including the images. They are two simple screenshots, but I think it was a good extra step from WeTransfer to include these images.

WeTransfer could have stopped at describing what the phishing attacks were and what they looked like, but they showed examples with the images.

That’s very helpful for users.

It’s a little extra step and does take some extra effort, but it’s well worth it and very valuable to readers.

4. Simple Titles

Something I’ve noticed on the WeTransfer blog is that its very focused on current users. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a bit different than some of the blogs we review where the focus is on people that are not yet users and attracting those people to the service.

But this works well for WeTransfer and I also admire their simple titles. We had that last post that was called Phishing attempts.

That’s obviously a pretty simple title.

The tendency is to explain what the post is all about with the title and that can make it into a long title often. I guess long titles are okay (I’m looking at my title for this post…).

But simplicity is good too. I think WeTransfer does a good job of explaining what the post is about in the fewest number of words possible.

That’s a good thing.

5. Personality Posts

WeTransfer does a great job of injecting their personality into all their posts. That’s a good thing to try and do and mostly it’s just about letting your natural speaking voice come out when you type.

It’s not as easy as it sounds, but WeTransfer does it well.

And they also do other posts specifically to show their personality and to connect with users. That’s important. The online world is just like the real world. We connect with other humans based on chance meetings, shared personal interests and similar things.

WeTransfer did a post with a Spotify playlist of their favorite office tunes.

Very cool idea for a post.


WeTransfer is an interesting company. I’m going to look into using their service now that I’ve heard of them.

And looking at their blog you can tell they do things differently than many business blogs. And that’s a good thing. I think it makes them stand out, but just not for the sake of standing out. They have a clear purpose to help and connect with current users and they do that well with posts.

It’s another good, if different, business blogging strategy.

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