Blog Analysis: Tealium Talks Data On Their Blog

Tealium Blog Analysis
Tealium is good about publishing often on their blog.

Tealium is a data management company.

Their target clients are businesses and organizations looking to learn about the entire sales process so they can improve marketing to future customers.

Tealium has been referred to as a tag management firm or tag management software. And they do provide those things, but over the years it looks like they’ve gotten more involved in the entire sales process for their clients.

They help clients dig into all the data the client has and from there they use that data to help clients improve marketing. Everything from sources of traffic to scoring that traffic and learning about existing clients is used to help learn from the data.

So that’s a quick background on Tealium, but now let’s look at what they’re doing with their blog.

1. Frequency & Writers

The first thing I noticed about the Tealium blog is the writer list on the sidebar.

It’s a bit unique to have multiple writers for a business blog, but I think it’s a good thing. You will see it on some business blogs, usually the most successful ones.

It’s interesting that Tealium chose to provide that list at the very top in the sidebar, but I think it makes sense.

Readers often like reading things from individual writers and this way they can easily look for more posts from a writer they like.

A benefit of having multiple writers is that it can allow for a higher frequency, which can increase traffic to the site and leads to the site.

2. New Trends

One of the new trends in marketing is people using all kinds of different devices to access information including websites.

That makes it challenging for marketers to understand their target customers. The companies have to track across all these channels and figure out how to analyze the data.

Tealium goes into how they’re doing it and how they recommend doing this.

This is always a valuable post. Companies that fit the profile for a Tealium customer would be wondering about this trend and this post provides good, actionable information.

And when you provide this kind of information you earn trust and it can win you customers.

3. Interviews: Getting What Your Audience Wants

We’ve seen companies that do interviews on their blogs.

And that’s good, but there’s an important caveat.

When you do interviews on your blog you have to focus on getting the information that your audience wants. You can start with common questions that you know will lead to good information, but also focus on stories and try a few wildcard questions because you never know when a great nugget of information will come out.

I think Tealium did a great job with their interview for this post.

The interview got some great information about the future in the industry and what companies should prepare for. That’s great information.

And Tealium took it a step further and included that information in the title of the post instead of just calling it Interview with…

I really like the questions Tealium asked. They dug into trends and what companies should do in the future. When you ask those types of questions to experts you’ll get great information that readers love.

4. Examples & Comparisons

In this post the Tealium author went into a discussion about tracking visitor metrics to websites and compared it to the data Uber collects.

The example or comparison provided an easy way to understand why it’s important to track metrics in this way.

I like the comparison of the two examples because after reading you definitely don’t want to be like Yellow Cab. You want to be like Uber.

The post is actionable in that it gets readers thinking about this idea, but it’s also something that could cause readers to contact Tealium for a solution.

5. Addressing Worries

We talk about how questions are the keys to great blog posts.

If you know what questions your target readers are asking in relation to your industry (not necessarily your company) you can get great traffic and convert them to new leads.

One type of question is addressing a worry that your reader might have.

That’s what Tealium did with this post where they talked about the worry their customers have:

Am I being too creepy with personaliation?

That’s a legitimate worry that businesses have when it comes to marketing and the data they have. Companies want to use data to make marketing personal, but not in a creepy way.

So Tealium addresses ways for companies to use personalization in a way that’s not creepy.


Tealium is doing some really great things with their business blog. They’re doing unique things with the way they use multiple authors both to get different perspectives on the blog and to get more posts on the blog.

It seems like the blog is doing very well. You won’t see a large number of shares, but these types of posts bring in great long-term traffic over time. They also help to make the overall site and pages like the homepage rank better for important keywords and that brings in new leads.

It’s another great example of a company using a business blog as a marketing strategy.

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