Blog Analysis: Notey Helps Blog Lovers Find The Best Blogs

Notey Blog Analysis
Let’s check out what Notey is doing with their own blog.

Notey is a little different for our Blog Analysis.

We look at a lot of business-type blogs; companies that have something to sell.

Notey is more in the community world and the cool thing for us is that they’re a community dedicated to great blogs.

The concept is for blog lovers to curate and rank the best blogs and blog posts on the web. That’s a tall task. Right on the Notey website it talks about all the blogs being created all the time.

That’s both a great thing and a challenging thing.

There are lots of great posts out there and tons of great information for people, but nobody has time to sort through it all to find the truly useful posts.

That’s where Notey and the Notey community come in.

So check out what they’re doing at Notey.

And in the meantime we’ll look at Notey’s own blogging strategy.

1. Database Error

So we’ll do this one a little different.

I tried accessing the Notey Blog and right now there is a database error. I waited a week to see if it was just temporary and so far it’s still an issue.

It could still be temporary or perhaps Notey has moved beyond their blogging strategy. Maybe they had one in the past and moved on from it.

In any case we’ll look at a few strategies they¬†could employ if they wanted to bring back the blogging effort on their own site.

2. Platform/Community Updates

The first type of post that would work on the Notey blog would be Platform and Community updates.

Again a quick note – Notey could be doing this and the other strategies on their blog right now or prior to the blog having the error.

These types of updates would let users know about any changes to the way they interact with the community and the platform. Let’s say that the voting system changed or some kind of function changed, Notey could provide a blog post about how users can prepare for the change.

It could also include something like adding new blogs to list or a new form of interaction.

3. Press & Company Updates

The next type of update would be any company updates or any press the company has been getting.

A company update might be a change in leadership or a new hire. Maybe the profile of an employee or something the company members are doing in the community or with charity.

And press would be sharing any mentions like blog posts, articles, videos, etc. that included Notey.

Company blogs often serve as the official place for company information. It’s also commonly a place where a company might respond to press articles that may have left out important information.

4. Monthly Newsletter

Monthly newsletters work great for emails and Notey might have an email program that includes the top blog posts from the last day, week and month.

Those emails can often be published on the blog so those that aren’t subscribing to the email can see the update. On the blog you could also include some other information about the top posts. Maybe discuss any trends in how people are reading posts and things like that.

5. Stats, Tech, Etc.

I think this last one would be cool. Notey should have access to all kinds of information about the type of posts people are reading and maybe even the devices people are using.

That information could be shared in blog posts that users and blog owners would find valuable.

Notey could also talk about Tech devices and tools that make it easier to read blogs. They could provide information that would make it easier for people to read blog posts and perhaps do the same for blog owners for creating the type of posts that blog readers want to see.


Right now the Notey blog doesn’t appear to be live, but it could just be a temporary thing. I wanted to wait and see if we could do a normal analysis, but I think this method worked out well too. It’s fun to think about what a business blog could become even if you’re starting from scratch.

Notey might already be doing some of the things above, but hopefully the discussion has provided some insight and action steps for your own business blog.

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