Blog Analysis: The Kinnek Blog Offers Insider Info For Readers

Kinnek Blog
There are some really good things happening at the Kinnek Blog.

There are a number of amazing business blogs out there and today we’re looking at another one – the Kinnek Blog.

Kinnek is a business that helps small business. Being a small business owner, I’m always a fan of people and companies that find ways to make things easier or beneficial for small businesses. So right away that kind of got my radar up and I had to check out the blog to see what was going on.

The company seems to do a lot of work for small businesses. There definitely is a time crunch for small business owners and the employees. If there are professionals out there that can find suppliers or service provides or things like that it’s always going to potentially provide some value and in some cases a lot of value.

I see a lot of opportunity for a company like this to cover a lot of good topics on their blog. It’s a way to provide help and information to target readers (small businesses owners, managers), earn their trust and earn their business with a service they demand.

So let’s get into their blog.

1. Client Features

The first post you’ll see on the blog right now is a featured story about a client and how that client used the service. This is an excellent type of blog post that just about every company can use.

It’s strange, but for our company, Ghost Blog Writers, we can’t do this as often, but we do try to get case studies and stories up as much as we can including some anonymous stories.

The reason these types of stories are good is that you can talk about yourself without really talking about yourself. You’re showing how someone benefiting from using your service. Readers know that you’re typically going to only talk about the good situations, but they still want to read stories. It helps them understand. It’s different when you’re explaining the process, but something about a story gets details across that you might forget when you’re just telling someone how it works.

Stories also get you to naturally use keywords that your clients use. Add in a few quotes from clients and that language gets in there that other potential clients would use and search for.

2. Interviews

Interviews are like Client Features in a way. You get the client using their language, which is what your other potential clients are searching for. I find that keyword research and that kind of SEO stuff is great, but if you focus on the language your client is using you’re going to bring in better traffic even if it’s long-tail type traffic.

Kinnek has a couple interviews on there blog here and here.

Again, you get great information without really promoting yourself. You’re just getting the client to share their story. You can do interviews via phone and transcribe or you could email a couple questions over to the client and ask them if you can publish on the blog.

I would suggest tell them your idea for the post and sending maybe five questions. You don’t want to overwhelm them.

3. Opportunity For More Types Of Posts

The posts that Kinnek has on their blog are great. More of those would be wonderful, but it’s hard to do one type of post over and over again. You can run out of contact. So that’s where more types of posts can come in.

At GBW, we focus on the industry-level questions the target reader is asking. Then we try to provide the best answers to those questions. Identify those questions and then start answering whether it’s monthly or weekly (more on this below).

You can also throw in some specific questions like how your service works and things like that. But skew to do more industry-level questions. For Kinnek this might be things like:

  • How do I find better suppliers?
  • Can I get less expensive supplies from overseas?
  • Am I missing a hidden cost in my supply pipeline?

Look for those questions and provide answers. Usually if one person is asking you a question in person or even online you can bet there are more asking it to themselves and searching for it online. Your posts can attract their attention, earn their trust (by providing value) and earning their business since they’re a targeted reader.

4. Opportunity For More Frequency

As of this writing there are only 4 or 5 posts on the Kinnek Blog. The first was in 2012 when the company started and there are a couple more from 2014, which is good.

Now frequency is something that doesn’t have a firm rule. You don’t need to post once a month and you don’t need to post every day. But there are some reasons to get a regular schedule and we’ve found that weekly or around there is pretty good for getting traffic from social media, search and also for newsletters and things like that.

It’s also good to have your blog updated so new visitors to your site can see new content on your website. They want to know that you’re active and that your company is busy doing things right now. A blog with consistent posts can help that.


It seems like Kinnek is doing very well. As with most businesses, I’m sure they are really busy doing a lot of important stuff to grow and blogging doesn’t always come up high on the priority list. But they are showing a good sense of business blogging, which is a great sign. I think they have a lot of opportunity for more types of posts and more posts. We’ll see if they do that in the future.

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