Blog Analysis: Elemental Is The Leader On Video Streaming For Media Brands

Elemental Blog
The target reader for the Elemental Blog seems to be someone in charge of technology or operations at large media brands.

Elemental is all about video.

I had never heard of the company before today, but after reading through their site it’s obvious I’ve experienced their software.

It seems that if you’ve watched live streaming video from websites or apps like ESPN, ABC and other brands that you’ve experienced Elemental software without even realizing it.

Elemental provides a variety of different video-related software that the world’s largest media brands use. As you’ve probably experienced, video seems to be playing a bigger and bigger role in our lives. We watch it on various screens and quite often during our daily lives.

So that’s a really quick background on Elemental. I’m curious about what they’re doing with their business blog.

1. Simple Design

I want to comment on the design of the Elemental Blog. We discuss it once in a while in this series, but I think it’s important to note here that Elemental has a simple blog design.

And that’s a good thing.

When someone is coming to your business blog they often are visiting your brand for the first time. It depends on how you’re using your blog, but usually someone is coming to read whatever the content is on the post.

What I like about the individual posts on Elemental is that there are very few distractions. Nothing takes away from the content on the page. I really like that. It shows that Elemental is proud of their content. That’s the number one focus on the page and that’s how it should be.

The main call to action is the orange subscribe button. And that’s a call to action that makes sense.

The text space might be a little on the wide size, but that’s a nitpick.

2. Messages From The CEO

This is an interesting post on the Elemental Blog.

It’s not a special blog post written by the CEO, but it’s still a message from the CEO and something the CEO discussed in a different forum.

But I think publishing it here on the blog makes sense.

Not everyone can be at events or watch the event live so it’s good to share a transcript especially if there is good information that was shared. And that’s the case for the content here. The CEO of Elemental is sharing some important information about what has happened in the industry as far as video software so the target reader would be interested in knowing what will happen so they know how to respond.

3. Community Involvement

Most executives at companies feel the pull to give back to the community and to the world. It’s good to share the core values of the company so others can see what you believe in and what you stand for.

This recent post on the Elemental Blog is a great example of bringing awareness to a great effort. Elemental is working to make the communities they’re involved better in terms of diversity and business success.

The communities are the tech community, software community, the Oregon community and others. It’s not just your town or state, but also your industry and other communities that you’re involved in that can benefit when you do well and when you give back.

And you can bring awareness to what you’re doing and also to overall efforts like this one with blog posts.

4. Trends And Predictions

This is a really great post from Elemental on the future of the tech world in Indonesia.

This is an example of something the target reader, who I would say would be executives at media brands, would be interested in. Executives are always interested in trends and predictions. They want to make sure their companies are aware of new technology and also of emerging markets.

Then they want to see what experts in the industry are thinking in regards to those coming changes. Then the executives can do their own thinking and determine what the best course of action is.

Elemental is showing a great understanding of the video market. They’re thinking about the entire world and a post like this would show their “thought leadership”, which is important. It shows potential clients that this is a company that knows what’s going on. They would be a good company to partner with for a variety of reasons including their knowledge about the future.

5. Partnerships

Finally, here is a post where Elemental is discussing partnerships.

Partnerships are great for business for dollars and cents purposes. It’s great to partner with businesses so you can offer better and more appealing solutions for your target customers. It’s also great because you can expand your potential customer base when you partner with businesses. They have customers, you have customers and you can share those customers when you’re partners.

Posts like this one work well also to show that Elemental is working to improve. When a potential client reads this they will see that Elemental is working to provide better and better products. That’s obviously appealing. And perhaps the reader and potential client knows the partners that are mentioned and that can make Elemental appealing by association.


As I usually say, there are a lot of good things to say about the Elemental Blog. They post about 1-2 times per month. That’s been pretty consistent over the years according to their archive. And this blog goes back to 2008, which is really cool. It’s cool that Elemental has stuck with the blog for that many years. It’s obviously something they value and that shows the importance of a business blog for various reasons.

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