What is the Best Day to Publish Blog Posts?

This is one of the most common questions we get from prospects and clients at GBW.

Our clients typically blog weekly. Some blog a couple times each week and others blog every business day.

When we first work with a new client we discuss the day of the week to publish their blog posts. We always come with a recommendation. The recommendation has been based on our years of blogging experience, but that’s just an assumption.

Today, we have some interesting stats and charts to add the answer and it might change and alter what we do here at GBW.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Are Big

It’s not a secret that the early part of the week is busy on the Internet. People are almost always at work in the office early in the week. Since people spend quite a bit of time browsing while at he office it makes sense to see this graph from Mozilla.

Internet Population

This chart doesn’t really surprise me and it probably doesn’t surprise you. We have likely all the made the assumption that people use the Web more in the early part of the week. As the weekend nears we get out of the house and out of the office to do other things. When Sunday evening rolls around we start getting back into the flow. We probably check out email and maybe the news sites because our weekend is over and it’s time to catch back up.

CML People Comment Midday on Monday

CML Stats

I really had no idea what to expect from the commenting stats on Country Music Life (stats courtesy of Vaultpress).

It turns out that people are active on Monday, as we saw above, and they comment during midday. I wasn’t really sure how to interpret this. Perhaps people are looking for a little reprieve at work during the early afternoon. They’ve put in some effort all day and at least in this instance they’re looking for some music to ease their minds.

GBW People Are More Active on Thursday Evening

GBW Stats

This one is a small sample size so we won’t look too much into this, but of the few comments on GBW the most popular day and time is Thursday at 6 pm. It’s interesting because from the charts above it shows that people don’t use the Internet as much later in the week.

The Best Time and Day to Publish Blog Posts

Here is what I have found to be the best time to publish content.

Tuesday Morning at 10:00 AM

Tuesday is just as popular as Monday, but my feeling is that people’s inboxes are pretty full on Monday. Since many people use email to subscribe to blogs I feel it’s too difficult to win the inbox war on Monday morning. People are more apt to delete more when their inbox is packed full. You give yourself a better chance if you are in the inbox on Tuesday.

This is entirely subjective. There are other times to publish your posts and have success. It really depends on the nature of your business. There is a popular video series I love to follow and it’s published every Friday morning at 10 AM. This time is perfect because by Friday I’m usually ready to relax and take a break during the day. The early morning break gives me a chance to relax and enjoy some great content.

Start with something like Tuesday morning and if it doesn’t work try something different. Think about your target customer’s schedule and how they might interact with your type of content.

You should find your answer in those questions.

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