An Attractive Quality In Business Owners Is Calmness

Entrepreneur Leadership
Are you a calm leader or an overreactive leader?

Have you ever noticed that some people react less to things?

I’m talking about both good and bad things.

Some people just have the ability to not overreact when things get a little outside the norm.

Something I’ve noticed over time is that leaders in different areas often have a calmness about them.

Think about entrepreneurs you’ve worked with. Think about bosses and mentors you’ve had in the past. Also think about influential people in your life.

Chances are good that these people have developed a calm demeanor.

I’ve been lucky to have people like this in my life and one person I think about is my grandpa and grandma. Even as a kid it was always nice to talk with them for a while about life and whatever.

Maybe it’s because grandparents have seen a lot of life. They’ve seen the good and the bad. They’re not as caught off guard when crazy things happen.

But that calmness is appealing. People are drawn to it because they know it’s a positive influence on their lives.

Calmness As An Entrepreneur

Something I strive for as an entrepreneur is calmness. I try to be calm especially when things go wrong. I try to tell myself that if something goes wrong that it doesn’t mean the world is over.

Sure, you want to learn from things that happen, but you can’t sit and dwell. You can’t let the emotion overcome you so much that you freeze and stop moving forward.

When you’re in business negative things will happen.

It’s inevitable.

It’s how you react and respond that matters.

It’s an old saying now, but we can’t change the past. We can only react and work toward changing the future.

If something bad happens in your business and you flip out and lose control it can negatively impact relationships including those with clients, partners and employees.

But if you’re able to react calmly and formulate a plan to move forward you’re much more likely to keep those relationships. You might still lose a few, but now you’ll be in a good position to find replacements and to improve going forward.

Reacting Positively

The best leaders I know have been able to balance calmness with happy emotions.

When something good happens with your business it’s good to enjoy it. People on your team don’t want to feel like their contributions didn’t really matter that much.

So you have to enjoy success at least to some degree. You don’t have to dance around the office and get crazy, but it’s important to acknowledge success.

But it’s a balance. A calmness is just as important with success as it is with challenges.

Business is never done.

You’re always moving forward. You’re always improving. You’re always working toward a goal and doing things each day that move you closer to that goal.

It’s important to learn from successes just as it’s important to learn from mistakes.

When something good happens evaluate why it happened. Evaluate why things went right and you can build on that.

Final Thought

People have a lot of emotion in their lives. We all have things going on. I think that’s a reason why we’re drawn to people that can bring calmness to our lives. These people often become leaders because they’re able to react appropriately to both negative and positive short-term situations. They can see the big picture beyond what’s happening right now.

The more you can be like those people and perfect the state of calmness the better you’ll be as a leader and your business will be in a better position to succeed.

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