A Quick Way To Make Your Friends Feel Good

Two Best FriendsWe are often wrapped up in our worlds most days.

And that’s okay. That’s the way the world works. We have to think about ourselves and our close families the most.

But beyond that, there are some ways to make your friends feel good the next time you see them. One of my favorite ways to do that is just a small little phrase…

You’ve always been good at that…

The next time you’re having a conversation with a friend, or I guess really anyone, think about this phrase when the opportunity comes up.

The big thing is to do it when it’s really the truth. That requires some thinking on your part. I guess to begin, it really requires you to be listening to what they’re telling you. That will usually be a story or something important about their life.

Listen. Get ready for your light to come on when they mention the right kind of situation.

For example, I have a good friend that was telling me about a project they were leading at work. I did my best to listen to all the details they shared. I did my best to ask good questions so I would understand and keep the conversation flowing and to make sure they felt heard. I also did my best to make sure I wasn’t too quick to give advice.

When they had told me a good bit about the project and how it had been going well, I interjected with this:

So you were the main lead on this entire project?

They answered with, “Yep.”

That’s when I said:

You’ve always been good at that…leading projects. Making sure everybody knows what they are working on, what the main goal is, what the timeline is, etc.

That’s another key: details.

Not too many details, but details to make sure the person feels what you really mean when you tell them this.

This phrase lets your friend know that you’ve not only been listening to them in the present conversation, but that you’ve been paying attention to them for the lifetime of your friendship.

When someone knows you that well and cares about you that much…it feels good.

So the next time you have an opportunity, try using this phrase. It’ll make for stronger relationships with those you care about.

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