7 Ways To Promote Old Blog Posts

Don’t forget about those old posts. They are full of gold and can bring you traffic.

Last week we gave you some ways to promote your new blog.

Promoting a new blog is about building your audiences and establishing your blog with new posts, but let’s say you’re an established blog.

You’re established and you’re looking to add some juice to your blog promotion. You have these social media accounts and email newsletter programs and you’re looking for something to breathe new life into these things.

Old blog posts are the biggest assets you can have in your marketing coffers.

Here are some ways you can promote your old blog posts to increase your blog traffic (and business sales).

1. The Snippet Strategy

The Snippet Strategy works for your new posts, but it works just as well for your old posts.

In fact, I’ve been testing Buffer, a sharing app for social media, by promoting old posts. I’ll look at some of the old posts her on GBW and will pull out the best snippets to share on social media.

Those old posts you published in the past have great content. Use that to attract attention on social media and to bring people back to your blog.

2. Create Videos

Video is getting really big on the Web. People love video content.

If you want to get into the video game and you need content, go back to your blog posts and find it. Use the content to create a video and then add the URL to the post in the video to promote the original source of the content.

3. Host Webinars

Webinars are also becoming really popular with people. In fact, they’ve been popular for some time. I think people like them simply because they often take place during the workday and those that attend have a nice excuse to sit back and watch a presentation as part of their workday.

But they are popular and they can be useful.

If you have old posts, go back and use that content to create your webinar and mention the posts and where people can view them during the webinar.

4. Add Them To Email Newsletters

If you don’t have an email newsletter then start one and if you have one then feel free to promote your old posts with it. People love seeing your new content, but they’ll appreciate your old content just as much.

Share something like three new posts and three old posts each week as you put together your newsletter.

5. Link To Them From New Posts

Internal linking is great for promoting old posts. You’ll see them in most posts here on GBW. I linked to the post on snippets above. Internal linking gets people reading your new posts interested in your old posts. It keeps them on your site and moving through your sales process.

6. Mention Them In Interviews And Guest Articles

If you have a PR strategy or guest blogging strategy as a way to get in front of new audiences then always feel encouraged to mention your old posts. Use snippets from your best posts and just mention that you did a full post on the topic with much more information. This will get people curious and they’ll go and find the original content.

7. Use Them To Inspire Updated New Posts

Look back to old posts and see if there are any that could be updated.

On my blog, Country Music Life, we did a series of posts on sad country songs. After a few years I realized that the post could be updated or added to so I created a new post with “more sad country songs” and linked to the old posts.

This is kind of a hybrid way of linking to old posts, but it can breathe new life into them by sending those that follow your new posts back to those old posts.


Old blog posts are assets that work for you forever.

Organic search will bring in traffic from old blog posts even if you stop blogging.

But it’s not all about organic search. Use the methods above to help your blog and business grow. Those old blog posts aren’t dead. Use them for all they’re worth.

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