7 Blog Post Ideas That Don’t Require Writing

August 29, 2013By
Blog Without Writing

Good news! You can blog without having to write.

I’ve seen a lot of people over the years that have really wanted to blog for their business, but when it comes to the writing they struggle.

They have lots of good ideas for posts, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty they sit in front of the blank screen with the cursor blinking at them.

It’s a form of writer’s block. We all get it. Some of us figure out ways to get past it like creating the idea list ahead of time.

What’s interesting about blogging is that you don’t actually have to write all the time to create amazing content that your ideal readers will find interesting.

Wait – you don’t have to write for a blog? Are you crazy?

I don’t think I’m crazy, but you never know.

Let me explain…

1. Interview

The thing with people that don’t like to write is that they often have great ideas. They also have content in their heads that will work great as a blog post, but the trip up is that they don’t want to write it down.

The interview is a great way to get that content down on the screen.

The first way is to have someone interview you. The second is to interview someone else. It works great.

You’ll just need someone or something to transcribe it.

2. Roundup

The roundup is another common form of blog post that works well if you don’t want to do a lot of writing. The idea is to gather some of the information from around the web that you find interesting. You’re doing your audience a favor by providing them with the most important information on a topic. Now they don’t have to do the searching.

This is common in the sports and entertainment worlds. People are always looking for the latest information about their favorite team, athlete or celebrity.

3. Top 10 Lists

Lists are always popular with readers. There is just something about the format that makes people want to read. Some types of lists require writing (like the one you’re reading now).

Others require less work, but still provide value.

A top 10 list is an example. Think of it as coming up with your top 10 songs or top 10 products for this season.

I’ve worked with merchandisers at a footwear company. They didn’t always want to write a blog post, but if I asked them for their top 10 shoes for the upcoming season I could put together really great posts with information directly from the experts.

4. Best Of Collection

Best of collections are similar to list posts, but instead of coming up with things off the top of your head you use data. This way the data does the writing for you.

5. Image Collection

I used to do more of these posts back on an old blog I had. They take time to find the images, but you can also stash images away as you go and when you have a bunch you can put them into a collection.

No writing required and people love them.

6. Quoted Material

There is a lot of great material out there that people are sharing. Don’t steal it from them. Instead. Give them proper credit and create a list from the amazing quotes people provide.

7. Video

This is one that is changing the online content world. Video is something people have always demanded. The thing with the Internet is that many people haven’t had fast connections and video wasn’t really a good experience online.

That’s changing and now people are able to stream all kinds of video (for the most part). This will continue to improve as more people get faster connections each day.

If you’re not the writing type, but have good ideas then turn on the camera and spill your thoughts. People will pay attention.

There are some ways you can create a blog without actually don’t any writing.

Now you shouldn’t have anymore excuses 😉

Image: lowjumpingfrog