5 Underappreciated Business Skills

What skills do you have?

Are there people you work with that you just…like working with?

The ones that make your life easier.

Maybe they help you in various ways. They listen and make you feel appreciated. They encourage you and do all kinds of things that maybe go unnoticed in the grand scheme of things.

But even though these folks might not get the big recognition that others get they are very important.

And if you have traits and skills that others appreciate, even if they don’t say it all the time, it can take you a long way in business.

The well known skills will get you places. And they can get you recognition in the short term.

But the following are some skills and traits that will likely not be flashy, but they’ll take you far in the long run.

1. Curiosity

I think this is a big one.

The more I thought about successful people that I know and work with the more I realize that they’re always looking to learn.

They’re learners.

It’s very easy in life to think that you’ve made it. To think that you know all there is to know about something.

And even if that’s true (it’s not) there are still lots of things you can learn in life that can grow you as a person and your various business interests.

I appreciate working with people that don’t act like they know it all. They ask more questions than they give answers. They’re always curious about life.

2. Self Reliance

They kind of go unnoticed in many instances, but you always appreciate the people that you can rely on. They don’t worry about what others think so much. They just go about their business.

These people were probably kids that could go out in the yard and entertain themselves until dinner time. They never went up to their parents asking, “I’m bored. What can I do?”

They take care of themselves. If they don’t have an answer they figure out how to get it. If they have a problem they do something until they solve it.

They don’t waste other people’s time. They take care of things on their own and focus on what they control.

3. Steadiness

Do you know someone that really runs hot and cold?

One day they’re at a 10 on the scale. Everything in the world is amazing.

The next day they’re at about a 2 or 3 on the scale and really feeling down. And it can bring others down as well.

The 10s feel great, but the low numbers can really bring you down. And usually they’re not really something to get so down about.

We don’t always realize it, but we appreciate the steady people in our lives. They keep us on the level if we need it. They keep life in perspective.

It’s good to enjoy things, but not get too high. It’s good to realize that most things in life aren’t the end of the world. Life goes on.

These people are just steady. They’re people you can rely on when things seem bad. They keep you moving forward.

That’s important in business.

4. Finisher

Huge one here.

Dreams are a dime a dozen.

Anyone can have a dream.

Most people don’t actually finish anything.

They might start a bunch of things, but what good is that?

The real successes in life come when you push through the difficult times. You get past the dream stage and keep working when everyone gives up on you. Then you see it through until it’s finished.

There’s another side of this where people are perfectionists. They don’t finish anything because they want it just right.

But nothing in life is just right. You have to finish things at some point. You have to deliver.

If you’re a finisher people will pay attention and you’ll be in demand.

5. Sales

Let’s end with sales.

I think people do appreciate this one, but not so much that they invest in it themselves.

If I could go back and do something over again it would be to skip college and work for a sales company. Just sit there and get paid very little and just learn all I could about sales.

I’m still trying to do it now. Maybe I could try harder. It’s just something that’s uncomfortable for most people, but it’s so valuable.

If you’re good at sales you’ll always be in demand and you can usually find a passion within some field that involves your sales skills and your love of whatever.


You probably know people with these skills. They may not get a ton of recognition, but when you really think about it they’re incredibly valuable to whatever business they’re involved with.

Look at building these skills and others like them. They will do you well in the long run.

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