5 Benefits To Blogging Multiple Times Per Day

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A common average in the business blogging world is to publish one post per week. Certainly there are many companies that publish less often and some that publish more often. It might surprise you that some even publish every day.

But something interesting is happening in the online world. And I’ve seen more businesses open to publishing multiple posts per day.

What are the benefits for doing that?

1. Repeat Visitors

SEO used to be an incredible opportunity for anyone that published written content online. Google started with mostly organic results. They’ve slowed moved toward more and more paid results. Especially for the most popular searches. And I get it. It seems that Google believes that if paid results are the best for their users then they may as well do that.

There is still lots of opportunity for long tail keywords. Things that are often not beneficial for companies to pay for. And users want organic results. Nuanced questions and answers. Blog posts are great for this. But with low traffic for each it’s difficult. But more frequency can help.

Social media has followed a similar route to Google. It started by letting bloggers do whatever, including share blog posts with links. But now the networks are entirely enclosed. They want to keep their users. And that’s fine. Again, it makes sense. And you can still repurpose blog content, share it on social media and build brand recognition. This leads to more searches for your brand and indirect traffic.

But here’s an interesting thing…I’m seeing more people visiting blogs directly. Through subscriptions. Through bookmarks on their browsers. That type of thing. When someone finds a source of information they like they will go back. They’ll skip Google and social media. They’re go right to blogs. And if you publish multiple times per day they will come back multiple times per day. They check often, just as if they’re checking an account on social media.

2. More Content For Newsletter

Newsletters also seem to be getting more popular again. I see a lot of individuals starting their own newsletters. A lot of journalists and writers. Even celebrities. And also companies. They’re skipping the social media thing or trying to get more engagement with a smaller audience.

And blogging is a way to feed a newsletter. The more you create the more you have for providing a really great newsletter. Some are even publishing content exclusively for the newsletter and then later publishing it on the blog.

3. More Chance For Comment Engagement

Comments are a large part of a lot of blogs. Maybe not so much for companies. But for many blogs they are a source of repeat traffic. People will read a post and comment. Then if there is high engagement they will come back just to see the reactions to their comments. That can be a powerful thing. It’s engagement like on social media where you get repeats.

But obviously there is downside just like on social media. But if you’re actively moderating and mediating it can be a good thing for getting more traffic and interaction with your brand.

4. Improved Writing

It’s no secret, but it seems to go overlooked. The more you blog, the better you get. I see this question on blogging forums and various places. How do I improve my blogging? Do it more.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s a simple fact of life. Putting in the time is the secret. There are probably a million reasons that we overlook this fact. I think one for sure is experts talking about their process. For example, musicians often talk about sitting down and having a song just come to them. So us mortals then think that we can sit down and a blog idea will just come to us. That’s what the great ones do.

But the reality is that every songwriter has put in countless hours writing tons of songs. Then after a decade plus they’re chilling and an idea comes to them for one song on one upcoming album. And they think that was cool because it never happened before so they talk about that one. Because it’s boring to talk about all the work that came before it.

5. More Data

There is all kinds of data in the world today. It’s great. You can analyze it and work to improve. If you write multiple blog posts per day you’re going to get all kinds of data that will allow you to learn what works and what doesn’t. What gets direct traffic and what doesn’t. What gets comments and what doesn’t.


Taking on the task of writing daily blog posts is no joke. Going for multiple per day is obviously even more of a challenge. It’s a full-time job. But there is a growing opportunity. People are consuming more content than ever. Yes, a lot of it is on social media. But creating content for your own website and newsletter is growing in popularity. It’s because one subscriber to your blog or newsletter is much more valuable than a follower on any social platform. They’re coming directly to your platform where the only distraction is more content from you.

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