3 Benefits Of Co-hosting A Podcast

Co-host Podcast
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Podcasts continue to find larger audiences. There are people looking for podcasts to listen to. There are more people starting podcasts. And in some industries that have been affected by workplace changes, podcasting has really taken off.

I see it in the music industry. Artists have been looking for other outlets since touring has been put on pause. Some have started their own podcasts.

Now that podcasting has been around awhile, about 10 years or so, it’s interesting to look at how some standards are taking shape.

Many, certainly not all, are done in interview form. The host interviews a guest. But another standard is having two or more people host the podcast. They discuss different questions and topics. This co-hosting option has a few key benefits.

1. Bigger Audience

Having a co-host on a podcast can lead to a bigger potential audience in a couple ways. First, you probably have at least a little bit of a network. Friends, family, colleagues, social media followers, etc. Some are going to listen to your podcast right away because of you.

If you add another host to the equation they likely bring the same thing. So right there you increase your audience.

Now let’s say that your podcast is interesting to the initial listeners. They will begin sharing it. And if you continue on in your career you continue attracting new people to your world through all avenues. Some will try listening to your podcast. With co-hosts, this is amplified.

It’s similar to compounding interest. If you put a dollar away today and let it earn interest it will compound. If you put two dollars away today and let it compound it will more than double.

2. More Interesting

You are probably an interesting person in your field. It makes sense to host a podcast if you’re comfortable with it or if you feel you can become comfortable with it. You talking about a topic can be interesting. But adding a voice to the conversation can make it more interesting.

This is one of the reasons many podcasts have guests. It makes for a more interesting conversation. It’s not always the case, but it’s true in a lot of situations. It’s been interesting in the music world in the last 10-20 years. There have been a lot of collaborations. The audience wants it and it makes sense in a lot of instances for the artists as well.

It can be difficult to continually find guests for a podcast. I would recommend doing it. But having a co-host can alleviate some of the stress for having to find guests all the time.

3. Even Responsibility

No matter what kind of content you’re creating there is likely more work that goes into it than you think. You could be blogging, recording video or doing a podcast. There is a lot of work. There is planning. There is equipment setup. There is the recording. There is editing. There is promotion and interaction with the audience.

Having a co-host allows you to spread these responsibilities out a bit. You can split the responsibility until you get to the point where you can outsource some of the work. And even then you can split the responsibility of finding others to help.


If you’re curious about podcasting, I would recommend trying it. You can start basic in terms of equipment and structure. Then you can build from there if the potential proves to be there. But one thing I would recommend from the start is looking for a co-host. It will give your podcast much more potential to succeed.

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