25 Types Of Links To Include In Your Social Media Profiles

Airplane In The SkyHave you noticed that there is a lot of selling going on around social media?

Many that are in business that use social media tend to get a little to salesy with their sharing.

They share mostly links to their homepages and product pages and things like that. Even ecommerce retailers do it all the time.

The reality is that most of us are only in buying mode about 3% of the time.

So people that sell, sell, sell are betting that their efforts will hit on that 3% while ignoring the possibilities with the other 97%.

The smart businesspeople are the ones that focus on the 97%. They share content that is helpful and entertaining. They share how-to articles and tips and videos. They share funny things that make their audience laugh and smile.

And they still allow for sales and transactions. How? They use the links in their social media profiles.

But what types of links can you include in your social profiles?

Here is a list of possibilities…

1. Homepage

I looked around at quite a few social profiles. I gave these all thought. The most common is the homepage. And it makes a lot of sense.

I like to think of a business website as a salesperson. The website should take the potential customer through the exact same sales process that a real life salesperson would.

From the moment that person goes into buying mode and is interested in learning about products and things like that the website takes over. And the homepage is the first logical step. It introduces the business and goes from there.

So for social media profiles the homepage makes a lot of sense.

2. About Page

It surprises some people, but look at your business website’s analytics and you’ll probably find that the About page ranks in the top 5 or 10 of most visited pages.


In the sales process people are interested in who they’re potentially going to do business with.

I think it’s also an overlooked page by business folks. Make sure this page has information about you, the team, etc. It makes sense to link here from social media so people can get to know you even better before they get ready to buy.

3. LinkedIn Profile

This one is similar to an about page. LinkedIn is really important for B2B sales and networking. Let’s say you’re on Facebook and Twitter sharing and creating content, but you’re in the B2B world. It would make sense to link to your LinkedIn profile to get people even deeper into the details of who you are. And when they’re on LinkedIn they’re more interested in business activity likes sales and partnerships.

4. Podcast Interview

I like this one. It’s not used as often, but I’ve been experimenting with it. I have it as a pinned tweet on my Twitter profile. It was an interview I did where we kind of went through my story in business. Kind of like an About page, but in interview form and in audio form. With the increasing interest in podcasts I think it’s a good format to link to because people want podcasts to listen to. And you can score points with the podcast host.

5. Your Blog

Social media is great for sharing content. You can give people more value and more content by linking to your blog where they can get even more information than they would get from your profile. You don’t have to jump right into sales, but maybe a little closer by getting them on your blog and website.

6. A Specific Blog Post (or guest post)

Take it a step even further and link to a specific post. Maybe a recent post that you put extra effort in. Or even a guest post you did where you shared some really great information. That’s like linking to a podcast episode. You score points with the blog owner.

7. Your Podcast

Like linking to your own blog you can link to your podcast series.

8. A Landing Page

I see this a lot in the music world. Artists will release new music and their record labels will setup unique landing pages that kind of sell the new music and get the person interested in listening and buying. It might have a video, song info and all that kind of stuff. Maybe even some kind of package deal where you get the music, tickets, merchandise and more.

9. A Video

It could be a link to one video. Just like linking to a single blog post or a podcast episode. One you’re real proud of and that you feel offers some great value.

10. A Video Series

Just like linking to your own blog or podcast. Wherever you make regular content can be a place you link to from social media.

11. A Sales Presentation (maybe on SlideShare)

Maybe your website doesn’t have exactly the right information that you want. Maybe you’re working on it. But you have a killer sales presentation that you use when you’re selling prospects. Link to that. Upload it to SlideShare. Or go back to the video idea and record your sales demo and upload it to YouTube.

12. A Specific Product Or Service Page

Maybe a new product. A service that you really want to promote. Skip the earlier part of the sales process and jump right into the product you know your social media followers will be interested in.

13. Your Employer

Maybe you’re not an entrepreneur or anything like that. You love your work and your employer. You can link right to your employer’s homepage so people know who you are and what you represent and where you work.

14. A New Project Or Case Study

I like this one too. If you publish a new case study then go ahead and link to that. Let it show potential customers how you’re helping current customers.

15. Your Book

I’ll see this a lot. People creating content (a book) to build their personal and business brand. It’s a great way to build a reputation and the more people that see you’ve published a book the better.

16. Other Social Media

I see this one quite a bit. Let’s say you love Instagram. That’s where you are most likely to interact the most. But you want to use the other social media platforms too. You use them a bit, but not as much. In those other profiles provide the link to your Instagram account. Siphon off users from one network to the network where you interact the most.

17. An Event Signup Page

Hosting an event? Change your profile link out and link to the event homepage or info page or signup page.

18. Help Or FAQ Page

Let’s say you use your social account to offer help to customers and potential customers. It might make sense to link to your Help or FAQ page on an account like this.

19. A Cause

Is there a cause that matters a lot to you? One that you want to help? Add the link to your profile.

20. A Review

Did someone give you a great review? There’s no shame in linking to it. Maybe it’s a little bit of a humble brag, but add the link and see how it works. It’s always nice when people say nice things about you.

21. A Partner

Want to help out a business partner? Give them some love and link to their work. You would love it if someone did it for you, right?

22. A Loved One

Want to help out a friend or family member? Maybe your spouse released a new book. Give them some link love from your social profile.

23. A Favorite Product

Maybe there’s a product you endorse. Or maybe one that you don’t endorse, but just love. Go ahead and help your audience out and share the love by linking to it.

24. A Sponsor

For influencers. The brand that pays you.

25. Wildcard Product

Maybe something that hasn’t gotten love in awhile.

Final Thought

It’s important to give thought to the link you include in your social profiles. i think it’s an overlooked aspect of social media marketing, but it really can be the most important sales tool. If you’re sharing helpful content and earning attention then people will get interested and when they do they’ll click your profile link.

Use the tips above to make sure that link goes to a place that gets them started down your sales funnel.

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