20+ Hashtags To Use On LinkedIn

Updated on November 12th, 2019

Big Hashtag
Hashtags can greatly expand the reach of your content on LinkedIn.

Right now I would call LinkedIn a bit of an untapped resource.

It has some advantages for those in the B2B space. Sales and marketing professionals. Business owners and managers.

And also anyone looking for networking opportunities.

Just for comparison, Facebook has the core use of connecting with people you know and usually in a personal context. LinkedIn on the other hand has a distinctive work context. It doesn’t mean that people want to be sold to, but they are looking for work and business related content.

If you’re sharing and publishing content on LinkedIn that is wonderful. But you can expand your reach even more by using hashtags or tags when you share content.

Here are some great hashtags to use when sharing content on LinkedIn.

1. #Business

We’ll start out with the big one. This one has big numbers (for the business world) on just about all the social networks and that includes LinkedIn.

The nice thing about this hashtag is it works in context for most business situations, roles, etc. If you’re looking to get in front of managers, owners, sales, marketing and more the odds are good that a good number are following this tag.

2. #Work

Another general one. Not as big of an audience, but the context wins out here. Just another general tag you can use for lots of different kinds of articles, posts, videos, quotes and more.

3. #Office

Not everyone on LinkedIn goes into an office, but you can bet that quite a few do spend their days (and maybe nights) in the office. This hashtag has a large audience. People are looking for anything from tips on surviving office life to funny quotes and memes to general work tips. You might even find managers looking for tips on keeping their team performing at high levels.

4. #Success

When you’re on LinkedIn you’re thinking about work. You’re probably a little ambitious. You’re looking for success. At least part of the time. A new job. A better opportunity. Success is the name of the game. A very solid following with this hashtag.

5. #Quotes

Quotes are big on social media. Twitter, Instagram and definitely on LinkedIn. Some people get some great engagement with their LinkedIn audience by sharing quotes everyday. Get in that habit and use this hashtag and you’ll capture the attention of people looking for inspiration.

6. #Inspiration

Speaking of inspiration…

You’re getting the folks that are looking for a little help to get them going. A little direction. Motivation to figure out the next step and then take it. Provide the kind of words and content that can help them and use this hashtag to get in front of them.

7. #Entrepreneur

The idea of being an entrepreneur has grown more popular the last ten years. I don’t know if that will continue in the next ten years, but for now you can find a lot of people following this hashtag looking for content on running a business. Especially a small business. Even a single person business.

8. #Life

Very general one here. It’s more relevant on the personal social sites like Facebook and Instagram, but it also has a big following on LinkedIn. More general posts here. Perhaps things on work/life balance and things like that would work well.

9. #Love

Similar to the one above, but it has a little range. You can share a project and use the hashtag. One that you obviously do love. Or show a little love for someone else or something someone else has done.

10. #Happy

Similar to the one above. General, but lots of appropriate uses in the business world.

11. #HR

LinkedIn is big for the HR world. Lots of people looking for new opportunities and lots of HR folks looking for good people to hire for specific jobs and tasks. There are lots of articles and posts shared that HR professionals find interesting.

12. #Jobs

Building on the one above. This one has a little more of a silo, but if you do have job opportunities or similar items you’ll want to use this tag.

13. #Marketing

This one is big across the social media landscape for the business world. Lots of people looking for marketing content. Tips, instructions and more. If you’re sharing any of that kind of content use this hashtag to expand your reach.

14. #Sales

Lots of sales folks on LinkedIn. They’re looking for leads, but they’re also looking for content that gives them tips for finding those leads.

15. #Leadership

There’s a pretty good community of folks looking for better leadership skills. Folks that get bumped into manager positions, but that don’t have management experience. Even business owners that find themselves needing to lead and motivate their teams.

16. #Tips

This one is general, but I think it’s a good one to include if you’re sharing a tip or a collection of tips with something like an article or even a video.

17. #Influencer

Be careful with this one. It has a big following, but if you use it the wrong way you’ll imply that you’re an influencer and that can be a little awkward, I would maybe use it for people you admire. Maybe if you’re sharing their content.

18. #Successful

We had #success earlier and this one is obviously similar. It has a big following and that’s why I think it’s worth including on this list.

19. #WorkLife

These last two combine a few of the tags above. They’re not as big with following, but they have great context for the LinkedIn audience.

20. #OfficeLife

See above.

21. #PositivePsychology

This hashtag has a large following. It’s great to see people looking for positive things in the world. Especially when it comes to their own well-being and mental health. We’re barraged with negative content all day. We know we’re wired to be attracted to it. But many are choosing to focus on the positive.

22. #Innovation

Many people are looking for the next big thing. It’s interesting, but most of us struggle to discuss our past accomplishments. Anyway, you can feed into people’s curiosity by providing content about innovations. Especially in your area of expertise where you probably have insider knowledge.

23. #SelfHelp

More people seem to be interested in their own well-being. Understanding themselves more. Helping themselves to improve each day.

24. #ProjectManagementSoftware

This one surprised me. But maybe it shouldn’t have. There are millions of followers. It’s probably because many people use this type of software everyday. And they’re often frustrated. Providing tips, suggestions, etc. with content you share and using this hashtag can be a great thing.

25. #WorkingAtHome

This hashtag has hundreds of thousands of followers. That number will likely increase in the coming years. More people are working from home. For various reasons. They’re looking for ways to make it work, to make it enjoyable and more.


If you’re looking to grow your connections and followers on LinkedIn then hashtags are a great way to do it. Use 3-5 when sharing posts, articles and videos. The idea is that you’re sharing content with your connections, but expanding to reach those that are following hashtags.

Full List

  1. #business
  2. #work
  3. #office
  4. #success
  5. #quotes
  6. #inspiration
  7. #entrepreneur
  8. #life
  9. #love
  10. #happy
  11. #HR
  12. #jobs
  13. #marketing
  14. #sales
  15. #leadership
  16. #tips
  17. #influencer
  18. #successful
  19. #worklife
  20. #officelife
  21. #positivepsychology
  22. #innovation
  23. #selfhelp
  24. #projectmanagementsoftware
  25. #workingathome

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