10 Ways To Use Social Media To Promote Content

Monkeys TalkingHow do you promote your content on social media?

You publish the content. You share the content on your social channels.


That’s what everybody does. That’s what you have to do at the very least.

With a little more effort and a little more creativity there are many more ways to promote your content on social media.

Here are some of my favorites…

1. Partnerships

This is one of my favorites. It really works well. Yet I don’t think it’s used enough in social media. It’s used plenty in other areas of business and marketing.

In fact, one area where it’s really used well is with webinars. And I think companies and individuals then do promote their partnership webinars on social media well.

But you can do that with other types of content:

  • Ebooks
  • Guides
  • Blog Posts (Usually long ones)
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • And more

The idea is that you partner with someone else or with a brand to create content. Then when the content is ready you share it. Then share it some more. Then move into some of the other items on the list.

2. Ask A Question, Converse, Share Content

I’ve seen this one work well and it’s been around for quite some time. It’s probably been around even before the modern forms of social media, which we’ll get into next.

So here’s how it works:

You start by going on social media and asking your followers a question. Maybe you add a hashtag or join a hashtag chat.

Get the conversation going around that question. If you know someone that is an expert, see if you can get them to join in with some input.

Then after the conversation is going you share content related to the topic.

A good way to do it might be to brainstorm ideas for topics. Then ask the question and build the conversation. Then finish the content like a blog post or video or whatever.

Then when you share it you come in and say something like, “This conversation has been great guys. I wanted to create a video with more information. Would love your feedback on it…”

3. Old School Forums, Groups. Message Boards, etc.

Don’t overlook those old school social media sites.

I would venture to say that most industries have at least one message board or forum and most industries have more than one. These have been around for 20+ years. A lot longer than Facebook has been around.

But the new social media has done a little to piggyback on these message boards. You have groups on LinkedIn and on Facebook.

One way to promote new content is to build respect in these forums. Answer questions. Don’t just spam with your links. Have patience. Comment and provide your thoughts regularly.

Then over time you can start promoting your content. It can be a really great way to get traffic especially if you use the approach from the previous point.

4. Include Quotes, Brands, Influencers, etc. & Mention Them

When you create your content and it’s finished or even before it’s finished take some time to reach out to a few people in the industry. Tell them that you’ve created some content like a blog post or an ebook and see if they would be willing to provide a quote.

This is kind of like the partnerships point, but a bit different.

But when you publish and share the content, mention those that are included. Also email them to let them know that the content is live and shareable. They will likely share it because it’s good for them (and that is also good for you).

5. Email Connections, Influencers, etc.

Networking is something that’s good for business and for life. Getting to know people has value. You can learn things. You can help one another. It’s a good thing.

And one of the great things with the world today is that you can build connections in many ways including via email.

You likely have colleagues that you’re in touch with on a fairly regularly basis. Maybe they’re co-workers or clients or colleagues or whatever. When you create content that you feel your connections will find valuable then email them. Ask for their feedback. If you hear back that they like the content then ask if they would share the content on social media.

You can often do the same with influencers in an industry. You can build relationships. Don’t jump right into things. Reach out. Comment on their content. Compliment them. Then work into sharing your content and ask for feedback.

6. Repurposing

Repurposing is something that’s maybe a little underused.

Let’s say you create a great blog post that does well in all channels including social media. You could leave that content alone and be done with it. Maybe share it a few more times in the future.

But there is more opportunity.

You can take that blog post and turn it into a really great ebook. Build on what you have already. Create more content on it.

Or turn it into a video or infographic.

And obviously share it all on social media. The more content you have the more you can share and the more you can promote and build your social following.

7. Professional Design, Graphics

I think professional design is underused today.

It’s good to have a relationship with a professional designer. Thankfully, my wife is one and I really don’t know what I would do without her. She helps with website stuff and with so much more.

When it comes to content and sharing content on social media, design can really take things to the next level.

Professional photos, graphics and more. It’s all important on social media. People really pay more attention when something looks good. But it’s also about communication and professional design can communicate a message so much better than something that’s just regular.

8. Strategic Hashtags

Hashtags are kind of old school now. Many people use funny hashtags or ironic hashtags and things like that but I really think it’s one of the best ways to get more followers and more exposure for your content.

Every time you share content I would say that you want to use hashtags. Figure out the most popular hashtags for your industry and your type of business. And use about 3 each time you share your content on social media or at least most of the time.

9. Resharing … A Lot

How many times do you share your content?

Once? You’re in company with a lot of people.

2-5 times? You’re still in company with a lot of people.

20+ times? It might seem annoying, but you really want to share your content. Don’t look at sharing content as a short-term thing. When you publish a blog post or whatever you want to be looking at the long-term. You want to be sharing that thing 10x this month and every once in awhile or more for several years.

Why not?

10. Guesting

Finally, guesting is something I’ve mentioned before, but in this sense it’s a little different. When it comes to promoting your content on social media think of guesting in terms of what actors do with late nigh talk shows.

Actors have movies or whatever to promote. They go on the late night show circuit to get exposure.

Let’s say that you’re working on a really great ebook. In the lead up to the release and once it’s live, go around and look for opportunities to be on podcasts or guest posts or whatever. You’ll want to provide value to the audience and then at the end you can kind of pitch your ebook.

But it works out well for everyone.


Sharing your content on your social channel is a good step, but it’s just a baby step. The really successful brands and individuals in content marketing really step up their game with promoting content on social media. These are some of the things they do. I wouldn’t call them advanced tactics, but they are things that only a few take the time to invest in.

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