10 Ways To Make Your Podcast Unique

Blue OrangePodcasting is bigger than ever. And it’s getting bigger.

If you’ve started a podcast or are planning to start one then you’re in the right place.

But obviously one of the challenges will be standing out. Listeners have all kinds of options when it comes to podcasts on their favorite topics. And that’s how it should be.

The good news is that if you’re looking for ways to be different, you’ll probably find your niche.

But if you’re struggling with that here are a few little tips to help you find your voice.

1. Embrace The Real You

This is the most simple concept, but it’s not always easy to put into practice.

When people create content, including a podcast, they often think they have to be a certain way. More outgoing. More outlandish. Whatever.

Some podcasters are that way. But some aren’t. People want the authentic you. There is only one you. Your job is to figure out who you are, what you stand for, your little quirks and embrace them. Don’t try to hide them when you’re recording your podcasts.

Being yourself, even if you’re creating the exactly same content as others, can set you apart.

Singers go through this struggle very often. They start their careers imitating their favorites. Then the successful ones figure out their own voice and they find their niche.

2. Form An Odd Couple

Some of the most successful content creators have found partners that are different than themselves. They create their own odd couple to form a partnership that brings out the best in both people.

For some it’s been a debate-type show. For others it’s been a situation where one person is laid back and go with the flow and the other person is very controlling.

One extrovert and one introvert.

One boy and one girl.

One old and one young.

There are all kinds of combinations, but the point is that when you pair yourself with someone different it often brings out the best content.

3. Steal From Another Format

If your industry is creating podcasts that seem kind of boring it’s probably because they’re all following the same formula. Look to other forms of content like traditional TV or a new show on Netflix or a video blogger on YouTube or whatever. See what they’re doing that is different and see if you can use their formula for your podcast.

Just because you’re creating a podcast doesn’t mean you have to follow the traditional podcast formula.

4. Don’t Even Touch The Norm

If other podcasts in your industry do interviews, don’t do interviews. Basically see what’s out there in your industry and look to do the complete opposite. Make it a rule not to do what they do. Force yourself to look for different things.

Maybe others are doing how-to podcasts. That means you could do interviews.

Maybe others are doing podcasts with two hosts. You could do it solo or you try something completely different.

5. Create Pure Entertainment

Perhaps the most popular podcast up to this point has been¬†Serial. It’s a true crime drama. Nearly everybody that has listened to it, and that’s millions of people, remembers that it was sponsored by Squarespace.

Yet when most businesses create a podcast they stick with the usual script. Why not create something like Serial instead or maybe even something like a fiction show or something like that?

6. Go Timeless

Only create content that can be consumed today as well as ten years in the future. A lot of podcasting is about what’s going on in the world now. And that’s fine. People like news-type content.

But if that’s happening in your industry it means there is an opportunity for more timeless content. It may not get the traffic boost in the short-term, but you can more than make up for it in the long-term.

7. Do Higher Frequency

If others in your industry are doing monthly or weekly podcasts it leaves a huge opportunity for you to standout by creating much more content. If people like something they want as much as possible.

High frequency allows you to be different just for the frequency aspect alone, but it will also allow you to become better and faster at podcasting, which will lead to better and better content. You can lap your competition.

8. Local Only

Go real niche. Seth Godin calls this the smallest viable audience. If you’re a local business and you want to podcast then focus on your immediate local area. Podcast about what’s happening in your town. Almost like a reporter in your town.

9. Seemingly Unrelated

If you’re a lawyer, create a podcast aimed at families. If that’s your target audience.

If you’re an accountant, create a golf podcast. If your target audience loves golf.

If you’re a restaurant, create a hiking trail podcast.

If you’re a dentist, hire the local sports reporter to do weekly podcasts on the local sports.

10. Hire A Full-Time Podcaster

And speaking of that last point, you can definitely outsource your podcasting. If these ideas scare you a little bit, but you’re still serious about podcasting then there is no reason you can’t hire someone.

Think of it as their full-time job. Hire them and give them a little direction and expectation. Allow them to be different and bring attention to your brand.

Final Thought

Podcasting is a huge opportunity. As more podcasts come out, though, one of the challenges will be to stand out from the rest. These are just some ways you can be different from the others. Hopefully these spark a few ideas so you can start putting out those episodes and getting attention.

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