10 Types of Content to Post on a Facebook Business Page

Woman BloggingFacebook has changed their algorithm many times over the last 10+ years.

The changes seem to have especially affected the ability of businesses to communicate with customers.

The most important thing to remember with Facebook, or other platforms like it, is that they want to keep their users on the platform. In the early days, they kind of let it slide if a business was sharing blog post links or video links and all that kind of stuff.

But just about all of the changes over the years have been to encourage content that is meant to be consumed on the platform. And this can be okay. Lots of people use Facebook. That’s an opportunity. But if you want access, you have to play by the rules. Even if those rules have changed over the years.

Here are a few ideas for types of content to share on Facebook…

1. Answers

One of the simplest ways to create any type of content is to identify questions your target audience is asking and provide the best answer you can.

For Facebook, this could be with text or with video. Let’s say three customers asked the same question this week. Take the time to provide the answer on Facebook. Not just for those three customers, but for the others that are likely thinking the same thing.

You can make this a weekly series. Depending on the number of questions you receive or see, you could answer multiple each time.

2. Questions

You can also ask questions of your customers. You can kind of use Facebook as a survey. They actually really seem to like this type of content from businesses because it really encourages engagement on the platform. The more “actions” users take on Facebook, the more likely they are to stay on the platform, which is what Facebook wants.


For whatever reason, people seem to like reading quotes. Inspirational quotes from leaders today and leaders from the past. They also like to see quotes from people within your business. Also from customers. They don’t always have to be inspirational. They can be funny. They can be some kind of advice.

4. Documented Happenings

If you’re not really sure what to share, take some time to document what’s going on with your business right now. What you’re working on. What you’re doing with your day. Struggles. Excitement.

You might think, we’re boring there is no way someone wants to watch or read about that…

But the truth is that you’re more interesting than you think. Talking about your life is interesting to some people. And it gives you content to share consistently on Facebook.

5. Observations

This is common on a lot of social media. People can really build followings by sharing their observations on life. In fact, many comedians made their living this way. They observe life. They comment on life. The best are able to make fun of their own lives and the ridiculous things that go on.

You can do the same with your business. Just observations and thoughts on life.

6. Stories

The best stories are the ones that don’t really have a point. They simply share something that occurred and the reader or viewer can take their own point from the story.

Storytelling is likely as old as the human race. It’s one of the core ways we communicate, learn and adapt. We pay attention to others.

7. Interviews

Interviews have long been successful on many content platforms. People have watched late night talk shows for decades. Podcasts are mostly interviews. Why not host interviews on Facebook? In fact, many do. They do it live. They record it and share the video on Facebook. They transcribe it as text and share the entire thing on Facebook.

8. Guesting Promotion

If you were a guest on a podcast or Facebook Live or whatever, you certainly want to share that content with your audience. It’s usually an expectation anyway if you’re going to be a guest. It’s good for the host. It’s good for you and it’s good for your audience.

9. Thank You’s

Maybe a customer did something really nice at your place of business. Share the story and thank them on Facebook. People like to be appreciated. It’s one of the things that seems to drive activity on the platform.

10. Comments On Other Posts

Creating content for your own Facebook page is enough work for most business owners and marketers. This includes replying to comments left by your followers.

But it can be very worthwhile to carve out time to follow other business pages and engage on their content. It’s what you would love for others to do for you. So pay it forward and schedule time to comment on other posts.

In my experience, you’ll see positive returns in multiple ways.


Many businesses struggle with content for Facebook. Use the ideas here to help you find enough content to create. But after that it’s really about quantity and consistency. If you’re serious about Facebook marketing, you have to schedule time for it. The more you create and share, the more you’ll learn and the better you’ll become at it. But you have to put in the effort.

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