10 Things Entrepreneurs Do That Annoy Other People

Entrepreneur Phone Hacks
Are you on your phone too much?

This one is meant to just be fun.

Entrepreneurs do a lot of good things for the world. They find new things that help the world. They bring new jobs to the world.

But not everything is good. Entrepreneurs can really annoy people sometimes. I’ve seen it in the way others react to me and the way I kind of react to other entrepreneurs and businesspeople sometimes.

So let’s have some fun and look at some of the things entrepreneurs do that annoy others.

1. Phone Addiction

This one goes beyond entrepreneurs, but it’s definitely evident in the entrepreneur world. I’m talking about checking for email, taking phone calls and all that stuff.

Entrepreneurs weave their work lives into their everyday lives. If you’re around an entrepreneur and they have cell reception then you’re always at risk of losing their attention. It can drive you crazy especially if they take a phone call or tell you, “I just have to make one phone call quick…” and then 30 minutes later they’re back, but only to tell you that the call they were just on led to them needing to make one more call…it’ll just be quick, though…

2. No Set Work Hours

All of these are kind of related, but this one kind of stuck out to me. I notice it myself although I’m working to create more set hours. I think entrepreneurs do tend to try and set normal work hours. It seems that we’ve evolved to appreciate somewhat normal work hours, but entrepreneurs are at risk for working all the time. Their business is part of them and they can’t turn things off. Business issues will always been on an entrepreneur’s mind even if you’re with them at midnight or first thing in the morning.

3. No Hobbies Or Free Time

Want to go watch the game or play a round of golf with an entrepreneur or busy businessperson? Good luck. It probably ain’t gonna happen. They put a high importance on their work and that’s about all they focus on for the most part. They fill their days with endless tasks relating to their business.

Some entrepreneurs are good at delegating, but others like to be busy. They like to be in control and that doesn’t leave much time for extra stuff like hobbies. So much for the idea that if you have your own business that you have more free time.

4. Interruptions

This one goes with the phone thing in a lot of ways with the world we live in today. But if you work in an office setting with an entrepreneur you know that interruptions come in other forms too. It might be that you’re in their office having a discussion and someone opens the door and interrupts you because something is more important.

That’s not a good feeling. But maybe it’s the realty of working or living with an entrepreneur or businessperson.

5. Complain

Everybody needs to vent. I get that. I know I’m guilty of it as much as anyone. I’m probably more guilty of it because I have a little business or whatever, but I have noticed that entrepreneurs do tend to complain. Most of the time it’s just to vent and blow off some steam after a tough day, but often they don’t realize the wear and tear it takes on those that have to listen to the ranting.

6. Talk Too Fast

Entrepreneurs have a lot going on. Again, it’s not just entrepreneurs, but I notice it fairly often with them so I’ll put this on the list.

They tend to talk pretty fast. There’s so much going on in their heads that it can feel like they’re racing to get it all out for someone to hear before they forget it all.

As the listener, it can drive you nuts. It can feel impossible to keep up and if you’re really trying to pay attention, learn and listen then you’ll feel annoyed. You’ll want to say, “Take a breath and slow down for a second!”

7. Don’t Listen, Dominate Conversations

And speaking of talking fast and often, entrepreneurs are really good at dominating conversation. Now I’m just talking about some entrepreneurs for this one and for the others on the list. It’s not an absolute thing with this list.

But I have noticed that some entrepreneurs are used to being in charge. They’re used to others waiting for direction and they’re used to dominating conversations. Some are the opposite. I hear that the best salespeople are more listeners than talkers.

Most people prefer to be heard than to be talked to. Some entrepreneurs are poor listeners. They just wait to kind of interject what they’re thinking about into the conversation.

Really, that happened at your office? Let me tell you this about our office…

8. Too Bossy

Ever been hanging around an entrepreneur and all of a sudden you realize that you’re doing all the things they tell you to do? It might be something simple like hanging out and working on a craft project or something. Or maybe working on some landscaping project on a Saturday afternoon.

Entrepreneurs are used to having control of things. They’re used to delegating and telling others how to do things. But it can be tricky for them to realize that their friends and family aren’t employees. Not every situation is business or at the office.

9. Ask For Too Many Favors

I think I’m going to write an entire post on this one, but it’s worth mentioning here. Entrepreneurs often get to where they are because they’re good at recognizing talent and they ask people to do things for them. That can wear others down especially if it’s not a business situation.

10. Their Way Or The Highway

Finally, entrepreneurs are generally used to getting their way. Many are 100% owners in their business. Things usually work pretty well that way, but it’s hard for entrepreneurs to kind of separate their business from other situations in life. They don’t always know how to see the value in the suggestions of others. Some are really good at it, but it’s tough to be good at it all the time.


This post is just meant to be kind of fun. I thought of some of these (okay maybe all of these) because I tried to look at the things I do that might bother and annoy those around me. And I noticed a few things that have annoyed me in the past when I’ve been around businesspeople. It’s just meant to kind of a point the finger at ourselves and maybe make a few changes for the better if we can.

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