10 Ten-Minute Activities To Sharpen Your Mind

Airplane In The SkyHave you ever wondered if you could get more done with a sharper mind?

It’s a busy world today.

But it’s also a very competitive world. You have to work long hours just to keep up with most people.

And if you want to run a successful business you can’t really run on a half tank. Your mind has to be sharp.

The good news is that many people aren’t working with a fully sharp mind.

So you can gain an edge.

Here are some ideas for short activities that sharpen the mind. You can try a couple and do them every day to get that edge over the competition.

1. Interval Training

Interval training or high intensity interval training is good for your body and for your mind.

The key, though, is that you won’t really have time to think during the workout. But the results appear positive in the long run.

And the good news is that you can do this in less than ten minutes. Maybe 2-3 times per week mixed in with some of the other activities on the list.

2. Walking

You may think that walking is a waste of time. I used to. In fact, I never really liked the idea of going for a walk.

But  it turns out that there are many benefits to walking including brain health. Walking improves your memory and thinking skills.

Maybe it’s not really surprising, then, that some of the most successful people in history have been regular walkers.

The key for this one may be to use it to break up your day. It’s good to get about 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day, like walking.

But spread that out and take 10 minute walks, three times per day.

It’ll provide a nice little break to your workday. And you won’t get sweaty in the office.

3. Drink A Glass Of Wine

Anytime we’re talking about alcohol it’s testy waters. Obviously you don’t want to overdo this one, but the signs show that a little alcohol could be really good for your brain.

Drinking about one glass of wine every other day led to better brain function in one study.

Very interesting and what a great way to spend a few minutes during the day…

4. Blueberry Drink

Anytime we can have a snack it’s a good thing especially if we’re improving our brain.

Blueberries have been getting a lot of publicity the last few years and for good reason. I think they might be at super food status now. One of the reasons is probably because they do great things for the body including brain function.

5. Tea Time

Take 10 minutes today to have some tea.

There are numerous positive effects including better memory and cognitive function. I’m not much of a tea drinker myself, but with results like this it makes  you wonder if a guy should be drinking more tea.

At least a cup or so every other day.

6. Nap On Your Side

There are lots of studies out there that show the benefits of a quick nap during the day. But don’t stop with just a 10-minute nap. Make sure you’re lying the correct way: on your side.

I didn’t realize it either, but apparently when you lie on your side it allows your brain to release toxins. Very interesting. Makes me want to nap on the couch right now…

7. Play Music

Want to improve your verbal IQ?

Learning an instrument and listening to music can improve your verbal skills. That’s really an interesting one. Maybe strumming on the guitar in the office for ten minutes during lunch could be good in more than a few ways.

Chill out for a bit and improve verbal skills.

8. Small Amounts Of Coffee

A coffee break may be more important than you think. But don’t drink too much. We’re talking about two cups per day.

Maybe three especially if you space them out.

It turns out that drinking coffee with caffeine helps you to ignore distractions in your environment.

Do you have distractions on the job? Who doesn’t?

Coffee can help sharpen your focus.

9. Crossword Puzzle

I’m usually in the habit of doing The New York Times Crossword Puzzle every morning. It turns out that it can help maintain memory over time. And perhaps even improve cognitive function.

It takes only about ten minutes and is a good way to kick things off in the morning.

10. Balance

Studies keep coming out showing correlation between balance and overall health including brain health.

It’s not entirely known if improving balance improves brain health or if poor balance is simply a sign of impending ill brain health.

But practicing balance drills is probably a great idea anyway.

Try standing on one foot. One trick is to focus on one spot on the wall while you do it.


Just ten minutes every now and then can give you an edge in the business world. You can try the ones above and I’m sure there are others. Breathing is probably one that would work just as well.

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