10 Social Media Followers You Want That Aren’t Your Customers

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Business leaders are often people you want to follow you on social media.

One of the challenges with social media is building a community of followers and influencers.

When it comes to social media marketing, content marketing and other digital marketing one of the traps can be focusing too much on your target customer.

Obviously getting one of your target customers to follow you on social media is one of the main goals you want for your digital efforts. It’s probably the most direct way to earn their attention, trust and hopefully future business.

But there are additional ways to do that. More indirect ways.

Because of that there are other people you want to follow your account. People that influence your target customer.

Here’s an example in the content marketing world. You write a post that writers in your industry love. They write about your post, link to it, mention it, share it, etc. Their followers, a good portion of which are your target customers, see that activity and check out your content and your brand. You earn more attention and business.

So who else do you want following you on social media?

Here are some ideas…

1. Writers

Bloggers, traditional journalists and more. People usually have a preference when it comes to their content. Text, audio and video. Usually a mix of the three. Some prefer to do more reading than the other two and that means that influencers that write are people you want to entice and connect with on social media.

2. Podcasters

Podcasting has been going gangbusters. Your customers probably listen to podcasts. Some are probably heavy listeners. If you get the attention of podcasters in your industry you can indirectly get the attention and credibility of your customers.

3. Vloggers

Vloggers sometimes get a bad reputation. We see the over-the-top vloggers with crazy videos and crazy personalities. That’s certainly part of it, but it’s not all of it. YouTube has been a great platform for influencers to post regular videos that attract an audience. Some of your customers probably have video series they regularly follow.

4. Other Media

This could be anything from national platforms to local platforms. I know people, even young people, that go crazy when they see the local news anchor at the county fair here in the area where I live. TV still matters. Local radio still matters. If there is a media that holds the attention of some of your customers you want to tap into that attention.

5. Social Media Power Users

This could fall into other media above, but we’ll give it its own point. These are the people that use social media as their main platform. Outside of blogs. Outside of podcasts and videos. They’re heavy users on Twitter, Instagram, etc. Usually one of those platforms.

Power users command a lot of attention. Usually when someone, like your customers, first joined a social site they first followed a power user.

6. Celebrities

Big celebrities. Lesser known celebrities. There are all kind of celebrities. Your customers probably follow some on social media. If you can get those celebrities to follow your brand you can influence your customers. And celebrities are normal people too. They like following brands. More on that later.

7. Family & Friends

We still value the opinions of our family and friends a lot. If we’re interested in buying a product we often ask them first. Now, we often ask them on social media. If you have the attention of friends and followers they may mention your brand when your customer asks them for a tip.

8. Brands

Mentioned this one above. You want other companies and brands to follow you on social media. Their customers may be your customers, but their customers may not know that you exist…unless you form some kind of relationship with their brand.

9. Business Leaders

Big one here and often overlooked. Business leaders can kind of be like celebrities. I know that this has influenced me when it comes to social media. I follow these folks and if they mention a brand or product they like and I’m interested I’ll usually trust their judgment and buy.

10. Coworkers

Similar to business leaders and also family and friends. Coworkers can hold a lot of sway with people.


You can form relationships with the folks above or earn their attention with the content you share. You could also send them free product or offer your service for free. There are lots of ways to earn their attention and get them to follow you. It’s worth investigating because if they influence your customer you want their attention.

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