How to Build a Home Run Sales Funnel

Home runs are a baseball player’s dream. Without it, the long slog to home base is a spasmodic campaign of leading off and dodging base players before rushing to home plate, sliding in just under the catcher’s mitt. But hit a home run, and all those ordinary hurdles vanish. It’s a guaranteed score. Nudging prospects through the sales funnel can feel a lot like rounding bases through a line-up of no-hitters. You’re left hoping to make the sale before the prospects fall off and the game ends. Building a home run sales funnel means getting more prospects to the sale more quickly. In this article, we share top tips to building a sales funnel that draws in quality leads and

How Food Inspires My Sales Game

And How It Can Deliciously Transform Your Sales Process When it comes to improving your sales game, there’s no shortage of anecdotes and expert advice out there. But it can be challenging to assimilate every suggestion or remember every rebuttal, especially for business development reps who may be newer to sales. To overcome these sales training and learning obstacles, managers and business leaders will often look to more real-life analogies to help bridge gaps in understanding and application best practices. Some of the best sales leadership I encountered in my 20 years of pounding pavement came from managers who made the sales process relatable in a memorable way. And some of the greatest gurus will always find a way to

The Ultimate Guide to Training Sales Assassins

In your company, you don’t just need transactional sales reps or account executives. You need straight-up sales assassins. These professionals are masters at reading clients, overcoming objections, and getting deals done. You’ve seen them in action and know the kind of sales beasts I’m talking about, too. It’s like they walk into a room or hop on a call and the champagne just falls from the heavens. Those are the incredible sales assassins your business needs. So where do these behemoth acquisition and sales leaders come from, anyway? And can you be developing your existing team into such a business unicorn? Actually, yes. Much of how business is conducted today is different than in years past. And that shift in

Does Your Company Have Too Many Brands?

Branding is fun. Coming up with interesting names and taglines can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of business. And it is important, but it can be taken too far.

How To Stand Out On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is getting better every year. It offers many benefits for professionals. Here are a few ways to stand out more on LinkedIn.

How To Test A Blogging Service

I’m a big fan of testing. There are no guarantees in business. Testing provides data that leads to better decisions.