Ways to Improve the Productivity of Your Sales Teams Today

As a business owner, your company’s ability to grow is directly impacted by the productivity of your sales teams and your sales efforts. Hiccups in your sales process or inconsistency in driving sales funnels can snowball into big problems, too. Inefficiencies in sales lead to thousands of dollars left on the table in unclosed business and countless missed opportunities. That’s why it’s imperative that you continuously evaluate and look to improve your sales processes. And if you suspect your sales team is unproductive or could stand to improve, keep reading. Today, we’re diving into all the proven techniques, latest insights, and strategies to boost sales productivity and your company’s bottom line. Evaluate Your Sales Productivity First Be smart and calculated

What You’re Doing Right (And Wrong) with Your Online Marketing

Every business today – and we mean, every – is online. Now, whether your company just launched a website or you’re an established brand with all kinds of digital profiles, online presence, and inbox tactics, the key to reaching people online is effective marketing. As mystifying and challenging as it is to figure out just what combination of online marketing efforts works best, there are some do’s and don’ts to know. Today, we’re outlining all the right and wrong digital marketing strategies you might be using. Based on reliable data and proven results, knowing what to do and what not to do is about to get a whole lot easier. And you have plenty of time to make the necessary

Everything You Need to Know About Scaling Your Business in 2023

Let’s talk about scaling your business. We’re not talking about growth – that’s different. Scaling is about amplifying your offerings and revenue without really investing in more direct resources. But more on that later. For now, you know your success in business relies on your ability to offer a quality solution or provide a core offering to a demanding audience. And today, we’ll share trending insights about how leaders are transforming and redefining their strategies in a way that allows for scaling, not just growth. Understanding the Differences Between Growing and Scaling Generally speaking, when you think of business growth, you think of linear growth. Business growth usually requires additional capital, technology, people, or resources. And with those investments, you

24 Brilliant Calls to Action You Can Use to Close More Sales

No matter how revolutionary or groundbreaking your product is or what your service delivers, if your customers don’t know what to do when they first encounter your offering, they won’t buy. That’s why you need to TELL them what to do. And that’s where the call to action comes into play. Back before the digital age, you know, when broadcast television and hot-off-the-presses newspapers were the only way to get news, you saw CTAs all the time. Big, bold messages like “Call Right Now!” or “SALE!” drove you to take action. Hard telling how many QVC or “As Seen on TV” products are still looming in people’s closets these days. Today’s digital landscape of marketing and advertising is an entirely

Marketing & Sales Are Not the Same: 5 Things to Know to Improve Conversions

How’s business? If you’re like most owners and entrepreneurs, you’d say it’s kind of crazy these days. Customer preferences are shifting, markets are changing, and then there’s the economy. But kudos to you for continued staying power and the ability to remain flexible and dynamic! But the struggle is still real, and we get it. Connecting with new customers requires a whole new playbook these days. So, here’s my next set of questions… How’s your marketing? How are your sales? If you’re assuming both are the same question, they’re not. In fact, there are clear distinctions between marketing and sales. And if you’re still chasing down best practices for both without separating them and setting proper results expectations, you probably

Why Today’s Sales Strategies Rely on Relationship-Building Skills

Let’s cut to the chase. What you really want, as a company leader or business owner, is more sales. You want to land more clients and boost your company revenue. And you’re looking for any real-life insights to improve your sales methods and bottom-line results. But you’re not interested in fluffy, do this-not that kind of general advice. There are companies out there, blasting through sales and conversions like the Hoover Dam burst on their revenue projections. You want to know what THEY’RE doing. It’s no secret that today’s most successful sales teams rely heavily on their abilities to build relationships with their prospects and clients. Naturally, it makes sense for today’s business leaders to focus on improving their relationship-building

Growth & Scaling: How Today’s Company Leaders are Succeeding at Both

So, here we are. It’s officially 2023. What are your big ideas for your business this year? Are you launching a brand-new (or new to you) product or service? Do you have plans to innovate something entirely new? Is your company growing into new markets or regions? And more importantly, do you know what you need to effectively stay relevant to your customers and your market? If you’ve spent the last couple of years trying to survive, dodge, and weave, then 2023 is your year to thrive, boost, and grow. Part of your team and company conversations will likely include growth strategies as well as scaling strategies. The two are different and require unique lenses. And considering how challenging today’s

Outbound Sales: 6 Crazy Stories from the Field

(And what you can learn from them) When you’ve spent a decade, or in my case two decades, in a sales role, you have quite the arsenal of stories and memories. There were some pretty incredible sales victories over the years. And plenty of failures dot my timeline, too. More importantly, sales has allowed me to cross paths with some fantastic people, many of whom taught me lessons in life. Since we’re preparing for the holidays and now’s the time you’re likely reflecting on your sales metrics for 2022, I thought it might make sense to share some memorable stories from the field. These are just some of the most career-impacting lessons I’ve learned in the field, cold-calling and presenting

Inbound vs. Outbound: What Today’s Leaders Need to Know to Drive Both

When you go fishing, do you paddle out to the middle of the lake with all your bait and tackle and wait for the fish to jump in the boat? Now, if the goal is to actually bring home fish, this is likely not the best strategy. What you’ll do instead is paddle out to the middle of the lake and make smart use of your bait and tackle to attract and reel in those monster bass. And if you’re really interested in harvesting fish, like the ocean fishing professionals, you’ll have rigs with massive nets designed to scoop up entire schools of fish in one hoist. Now, let’s pivot to look at your business model. Is your company fishing

Are Quotas Really a Thing Anymore?

Let’s talk quotas. For any salesperson, novice or veteran, the word alone can inspire some pretty intense reactions. Either it’s terrifying, automatically ushering in overwhelming pressure and a sense of dread. Or it ignites fierce competitiveness that can drive salespeople to hit incredible numbers. So, after decades of enforcing quotas and benchmarks for sales teams, business owners and sales managers want to know. Are quotas really the best way to motivate a salesforce these days? Today’s sales workforce looks vastly different than it has in years past. And how consumers and customers make purchasing decisions has, too. So, it only makes sense that the old way of measuring success and performance no longer be relevant, right? There’s more to quotas,

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