Why Blog?

A Long-Term Marketing Strategy

Increased Traffic

Regular blogging on your business website attracts new visitors through a variety of channels including organic search traffic, social media and email. With each post you’re investing in your business and your website. Unlike advertising, a blog post remains on your site forever and in most instances the post attracts more traffic over time.

Business Leads And Sales

More traffic leads to more leads and sales. The best business blogs focus on the common industry questions target customers are asking online and answer those questions with blog posts. This attracts target customers, provides value, earns their trust and leads them deeper into your website where they convert to become new customers.

Increased Industry Authority

With a business blog, you provide ongoing value to your target customer. This adds to your reputation in your industry as an expert and authority. Your ongoing blog sets you apart from the competition. Over the long-term, your business blog can become a source of insight for customers and you’ll be top of mind when people think of your industry.

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What To Expect…


When you contact us we learn about your business. We answer any questions you have. Next, we do some research and provide possible blog post topics and titles.

First Post

After you see the titles we begin work on a first post. We find a writer that is a good fit for you and your blog. Once the first post is complete, we send it to you, get your feedback and see if we’re a good fit.

It takes about one week to turnaround the first post and another few days to discuss feedback and do revisions if necessary.

Guarantee: We require payment for the first post. If the post is not what you’re looking for then we quickly and fully refund the price of the first post.

Regular Blogging

After the first post we then move into a regular blogging schedule based on the frequency we discuss. We also start uploading and scheduling the posts on your blog. All posts are published on your website and/or blog. Each post is formatted and optimized. You can publish them under your brand name, a specific individual’s name or under your writer’s name depending on what you would like.

Get Started Blogging

“There are many forms of content marketing, but we feel blogging is the best method for attracting target customers to your business. We only provide blogging services. It’s our passion and the area where we strive to provide the best service.”

Blogging Strategy

Every business is different and we look at each client and their blog as unique. However, we approach blogging with the goal of answering the questions the target audience is asking. Some questions may be timely, but blog posts that have a more timeless approach continue to attract traffic for a long time.

By helping your target audience this way you become an authority in your industry. This strategy leads to success in all channels including search, social media, email and more.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but does build over time.

A Long-Term Approach

We don’t provide one-time blog posts.

We believe in a long-term, ongoing blogging strategy.

This approach gives your blog the best chance for success.

We like to see our clients commit to a at least one post per week.

It’s also important that you look at blogging at a long-term marketing strategy. It takes several months for a blog to begin generating organic traffic from search engines, social media and other sources. At that point the traffic typically begins building slowly and picks up as the years go by.

Blogging is a great marketing strategy on its own, but also works great with other forms of inbound and outbound marketing.

Most business blogs that are successful have been around for years and have been kept up-to-date with a regular schedule of blog posts.

Blog Post Pricing

300-400 words
Top Pick600-800 words
1,000-1,200 words

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