5 Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur in 2022

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Hey, you knew running your own business would be tough.

You’re under enough pressure to sweat diamonds. You’re taking on more roles than Nicholas Cage. And the weighty decisions you’re faced with can make you feel like that Greek guy holding up the world.

And although you knew being an entrepreneur is a stressful gig, you were ready because you also knew you have what it takes.

But now it’s 2022 and entrepreneurs are saddled with a whole new set of challenges. Read on to see if you have the 5 traits of a successful entrepreneur in 2022.

Resilience Brings Entrepreneur’s Success in 2022

McKinsey & Company defines resilience in business as “the ability to withstand an unpredictable threat or change and then to emerge stronger”

Resilient entrepreneurs see challenges as opportunities for growth. They don’t just weather short-term problems. They look for the in-house weaknesses that made them vulnerable to the current crisis. Then they develop long-term solutions to make themselves better.

Successful Entrepreneurs Are Optimistic

If all you ever read were headlines, you may think the world has a one-way ticket in a handbasket. Covid-19, supply issues, fuel prices and climate change all seem like reasons to worry.

But successful entrepreneurs see the silver lining.

According to Deloitte, 53% of private companies say the pandemic has improved their business’s profitability outlook for the future. These companies are adapting by implementing strategies that make the most of the “new normal.”

Instead of worrying, these optimistic companies are being proactive. They’re implementing strategies such as boosting productivity, beefing up technological infrastructure, and capturing market shares lost by their less nimble competitors to create their best future.

Profitable Entrepreneurs Have Strong Sense of Purpose

Purpose is the reason for your company’s existence. A strong purpose withstands challenges, inspires employees and earns your customers’ loyalty. And more and more businesses are turning to purpose to light their path in an increasingly unpredictable world.

In 2022, purpose will help your business grow. One study found that consumers are four to six times more likely to purchase from companies that have a strong purpose.

Successful Entrepreneurs in 2022 Love Technology

Maybe back in the day you never got around to learning how to program your TiVo. But if you want to be a successful entrepreneur in 2022, you better know how technology can make your business better.

The pandemic accelerated our adoption of technology. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and remote platforms are just some of the emerging tech that has gone mainstream. And the ways these technologies can help your business are multiplying.

Entrepreneurs need to love and embrace technology.

Smart Entrepreneurs Are Environmentally-Minded

Climate change is already impacting business. Natural disasters cost the U.S. economy $3 trillion between 2010 and 2019, an increase of more than $1 trillion the previous decade. Insurance costs, supply chain issues, and overall operating costs are all impacted by these natural disasters.

Smart entrepreneurs understand how climate change will affect their business and develop a strategy to minimize its impact.

Smart entrepreneurs will also incorporate green practices into their business operations. Most green practices will save money and implementing them now will help you stay ahead of the government regulations that are almost certain to come.

Going green will also increase consumer loyalty to your brand. One study found that about 70% of consumers think sustainability is an important factor in their purchasing decisions. And that number is likely to increase.

What It Takes for Entrepreneurial Success in 2022

Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in 2022? Of course, you do.

Entrepreneurs love challenges, and these past few years have delivered them in spades. If you’re running your own business in 2022, you’ve already demonstrated the resilience, optimism, and strong sense of purpose to succeed. And while technology may be a learning curve, embracing it is half the battle. And sustainability? You already know what’s it’s like to have the world on your shoulders. So give Atlas a helping hand and give your business a boost in the process.

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